Monday, August 22, 2011

Luke's First Day of Kindergarten

My big Kindergartner woke up bright and early this morning on his own excited for his first day of school! He got himself dressed and watched a few minutes of cartoons while I was finishing up his breakfast.

Back to school muffins!

He knew today would be one of those days where I would be taking tons of pictures, so he cooperated well!

Right after I snapped this picture, he said "did you get a good one mom?" That's my boy ;)

We entered the halls of Shadycrest Elementary with one very excited and confident boy and one extremely sad mom. I did manage to choke back all of my tears so he wouldn't see.

Luke's sweet little friend Emma who he has known since they were 1 1/2 years old is in his class this year which helps a lot! I feel so much better knowing that he has at least one friend to start off with ;)

and here is Mrs. Soders! Doesn't she just look as sweet as can be? She really is. I think it's gonna be a great year with her.

~so I got Luke all situated in his seat and could tell it was time for me to get going. He was totally fine on his own. I leaned over to remind him about the kiss I had given him in his hand last night from the story we read. I told him don't forget about that...if you need me, just put your palm on your cheek and remember that kiss. At that point, I was just about to burst in tears, so I left right away and saved my tears for the hallway.

The whole day was pretty hard. I missed him so much. It's just not the same without him here. The other boys even seemed a little out of sort. Luke is usually the one who calls most of the shots (among the kids), picks what they will play (or not play), asks for all of the snacks, etc...

It was pretty weird all day long! I hated it! I really really did. I know it will get better though once I get used to it. hopefully.

To try to get my mind off of things, I let the little boys swim in the back yard and they had so much fun! Notice who is holding the hose??? That would have NEVER happened if Lukey was home- not a chance ;) Brady could get used to this big brother role...

FINALLY 2:30 rolled around, so I loaded everyone up to go sit in that car rider line. and I cried some more. I just couldn't believe it was really time for him to be in elementary and i wanted to make sure he had a good day.

He got in the car and told us it was a great day and he had lots of fun and he was sad he couldn't ride the bus home. So, maybe tomorrow he can. I will see.

Right when he walked in he found his Back to School gift waiting on his chair. A bow & arrow just like they have on the movie Narnia. Brady got his gift a day early (he got the same thing) so they were able to play together.

and all was right in the world now that I had all of my little ducklings back under one roof ;)

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