Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We Made It!

We made it through Caleb's surgery this morning. All went well and Caleb has a successful skin graft. He is in some pain, but that is expected for today. Thanks for your prayers!

Today after I picked Luke up to come home and see Caleb he asked "mommy, did daddy's bobo fly off into the sky?" I didn't quite know how to answer that question. I think he is trying to figure out how bobos get better... I told him that God taught our bodies how to make bobos all better and when our body needs help getting a bobo better we go see the doctor and they can help us.

Anyway- this has been a learning experience for Luke. He has a tendency to be our little worrier, so it is really good for him to see that you can be hurt and it gets all better. Even when you have to go to the hospital.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Just thought I would give you a quick update on Caleb's finger situation...

We went to the hand surgeon today and Caleb will have surgery tomorrow to graft a piece of skin from the palm of his hand onto his finger where the cut is. They will also check to make sure the tendon is ok as well because we aren't sure about that.

Please pray for Caleb at 6:30am!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Meet Baby Noah

Noah James Witherspoon
8 lbs 8 oz.

I love these pics of him with his pacifier... it is almost bigger than him!

Noah was born around 12:45pm May 23, 2009 to my friends Amy & Ford. He has a sweet big brother also named Ford who is 14 months old.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Yesterday was a VERY long day. We started off with a garage sale at our church at 6:30am, then I headed to the hospital to see Amy & Ford's new baby (he is super cute- more pics in the next post), then I came home to hopefully wind down and get some rest...
Caleb was trying to install a panel on the bottom of our new dishwasher and cut his finger really bad. If you know me, you know I DO NOT do any type of blood at all, but I tried to tough it out and go with him to the ER. When we got there we were told they could not do stitches because there was no skin there to stitch. They x-rayed it because it is so deep and close to the bone. He has to go see a specialist Tuesday to see what the next step will be.
To top it all off- it's his middle finger. You should hear all of the funny jokes he has been making about it...

A Fun Day With Aunt Theresa

Friday Aunt Theresa invited Luke to come over and go fishing in her neighborhood pond. So it was the perfect opportunity for Luke to try out his new Superman fishing pole!!

The fishing trip was hard core...they even dug their own worms for bait!

This is the tackle box that came with the fishing pole. Luke told me he would keep his fish in there when he caught them...

Luke & Baxter having fun in the backyard. Baxter went on the fishing trip too, but I think he scared all the fish away. I was told that each time they would cast- Baxter would jump in the water after their line. I think they had a blas watching him though!

Thank you Aunt Theresa for spending a fun day with Luke. He is still talking about it!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Little Nine Month Old

This picture is the classic Brady smile. We like to refer to it as his "old man" smile...

What's our little guy up to lately???
-crawling all over the place (even up the stairs...)
-cruising from place to place with his walking toy
-talking up a storm "da da da" "ba ba ba" etc.. the louder the better!
-four teeth and counting
-progessing in his table foods
-learning to drink from a sippy cup
-absolutely adores his Bubba
-favorite hobby- unrolling the toilet paper and splashing in the toilet (i know, very gross!)
-two naps a day
-still wakes for a 4:00am visit with mommy :)
-lots of hair pulling!

School's Out! Summertime Has Come...

Luke, Mrs. Kim, & Madi
Yes, I cried... I always do. I hate good bye. This has been a great year for Luke. Mrs. Kim has been a very good teacher. She is strict with the kids, but it teaches them so much and they all love her. She has her class rules, the kids know them, and they follow them. I love that and I think that is an amazing quality that only some teachers have.
Today was splash day! Luke has been so excited about this day all week long. Last night he kept asking me to "talk about school tomorrow". Mrs. Kim put together a summer bucket for all of the kids with sidewalk chalk, sun glasses, beach ball, playdough, etc... Very cute idea.
Thanks to Mrs. Kim for all she has done this year for Luke.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our Last Time...

to see Amy before she has the baby!

Am' is due any second to have Baby Noah, so we scheduled one last swim outing before his big arrival. It was a lot of fun, but the water was pretty cold. With all of the nice weather we have had lately, the water hasnt really had a chance to warm up that much. We did swim, but I took Brady out after I noticed his goose bumps. He had more fun just sitting out and watching anyway.
I can't wait to meet my new nephew Noah- he will be here for sure by Saturday. I will post pics once I get some!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ASK Banquet

Sunday was our ASK Banquet at church. Our church has been in a campaign fundraiser for a new building, so we celebrated with a banquet. It was a lot of fun with great entertainment!

Caleb and I finally got a picture together. It seems like every picture taken around here has kids in it lately... ha ha ha!

This is my super cool friend Kristen. You may know her, but if you don't she is Madi and Abi's mom, we do a lot together.

Crawfish Boil

Last Saturday we had our annual crawfish boil with our lifegroup from church. It was so much fun and the crawfish were HUGE!

Luke wasn't to crazy about the crawfish which kept escaping and crawling around our backyard... time to get those things cookin'!

Here are some of the guys waiting patiently!

Luke with Jack & Kate in the bouncy.

Katie & Kyle (coming any day!!!), me, and Kristen.

Friday, May 15, 2009

First Ear Infection

Our little Brady had to experience his very first (and hopefully last) ear infection. It was so aweful! For the past four nights he had been waking up crying, but it wasnt until Thursday morning that his temperature went sky high. I took him to the doctor and his temperature had reached 102.8 after a dose of tylenol. I was really worried about him because all he did was lay on the groud and moan. SO SAD!
This is a picture of him asleep on the living room floor. Thursday morning he was just laying around and fell asleep right after he woke up. That's when I knew something was wrong.

The good news is that he got some antibiotics and is feeling much better now. Poor little guy!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wiped Out!

The boys and I went swimming this afternoon and I think it wiped both of them completely out. Brady fell asleep in the car on the way home and Luke fell asleep sitting on the couch after he finished his snack (notice the empty bowl). I finally woke both of them up after a 1 1/2 hour nap- lets just hope they sleep tonight.

P.S. Luke was accident free all day including during this little snooze!!!

Little Gem...

I am super excited about the FIRST bloom ever on our Little Gem Magnolia Tree! We have had this tree for almost two years and it is nothing but a little gem for sure! I have always wanted one of these trees because they remind me of a tree that used to be outside my grandparents house. What a beautiful bloom and it looks like there are more to come...

Here is a view of the whole tree. It isn't much, but boy does it put off a pretty flower! The cool thing about my tree is that it survived IKE even with a fence on top of it for two weeks.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mommy's Day

Today was my best Mother's Day so far. This morning as I was getting ready for church Luke ran in and wished me a Happy Mother's Day- it was so sweet and melted my heart!

After church we went to my parents house for lots of different salads (fruit, pasta, chicken, oriental) and wonderful dessert. Above is Brady watching Grammy open her gift from us.

My cousin Courtney and her girls came over and we FINALLY got all of the kids in a halfway decent picture together.

After that, off to the park for a picnic with Yaya, Papi, Kaitlen, and Biboo. We ate in the gazebo which Luke referred to as our "cave".

Luke & Brady got to play on the playground and really had a blast.

Quick family pic on the slide.

Brady and Biboo.

To top it all off, I got some really sweet gifts. Two home made cards, a fingerprint flower plate, and a beautiful necklace with Luke & Brady's names on it. Could it get any better than this?

Here is a close-up of my new necklace. I love it so much. You can't really see the little pearl, but it is the perfect touch! Their birthdays are on the back.
As I tucked Luke in to bed tonight he gave me a sweet hug and said, "Mommy, how was your Mommy's Day?" I answered, " it was the best one yet!"

Friday, May 8, 2009

Great Day for a Picnic

Luke has been wanting to go for a picnic for a few weeks now, so last Wednesday we went. It turned out to be a beautiful day and mommy and the boys had a lot of fun!

Brady was a swingin'

Luke eating a good ole pbj...

Brady's first pbj! I know- the mosquitoes had a feast on his forehead. They got in our house somehow...

Luke had fun playing on the playground.

Here he is just being creative. He thought it would be fun to ride them standing up!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Thank Heaven for Uncles Like You!

Uncle Caleb is one of two of Luke and Brady's uncles who is graduating this year... Samuel (Saw) is also graduating. Today I had a chance to take Luke & Uncle Caleb out to take a few pics.

Super cute! Luke loves Uncle Caleb so much. Caleb is the one who got him started liking Batman, so any times Luke has a Batman or any other superhero related question he saves it for Uncle Caleb to answer.

Congrats Caleb! You made it!!!

This is Luke trying to do what Uncle Caleb was doing in the picture above. He totally looks up to him!

First Swim 2009!

Anyone who knows us well knows that we swim A LOT! We love to swim and we will swim every day if we can...
Today our good friends Kristen, Madi, & Abi invited us over to swim. It was so good to get back in the water.

Anytime I can dress my boys matching- I WILL! I want to do it now because I know I can't do it forever. Laugh if you want, but that's what moms are for in my opinion!

Luke & Madi- or "Mad" as he calls her!

Brady's first time to swim ever! He loved it!

Luke had a blast too! He could swim all day long if we would let him. This is his version of a cannonball... We will have to work on that this summer!


I just realized that the last post I have on my blog is showing Luke had a little set back on his potty training. BUT! He has been doing very good since then. He is not all the way there, but getting there. I am so proud of him! We are on week two now and moving right along.

I am going to get my camera out later and take some pics to post. I feel like I havent taken a picture in forever...