Monday, June 24, 2013

Brady and his Bike

So, I told you the story about Luke riding without training wheels....
Brady had his trike-a-thon at school and came home wanting to practice riding without his training wheels too.

Low & behold...he did it!!!

4 years old :)

April- catch up

So, I am still playing catch up. Here are a few pictures I took in April...
Isn't he precious! Such a good little baby.

Start 'em young, raise 'em right!

Oldest & youngest!

Working on writing his letters. He is so smart!!!!

Griffin's three month old pictures

Tattoos at ChickFilA

Allen girls shopping trip to Canton!

My little Baylor Bears!

Happy Birthday Luke- 7 years old

So...birthdays mean more now than ever to Luke. It seems like he starts thinking about his birthday right after Christmas is over. He talks about it almost every single day! I remember getting that excited about my birthday when I was his age too, so I try to make it as fun as possible for him.
We have a birthday countdown- so he can have a visual reminder! Also so he isn't constantly asking me "how many more days until my birthday?"

On the last day he brought his lunch before his birthday I wrapped all of his lunch items individually. Fun times! He loved it! I happened to be at the school that day and peeked in on him when he opened his lunch box. He was so surprised.

Instead of a big party this year- we let Luke pick a few friends from class to invite and we would take them anywhere he chose. He wanted to go to Chucke Cheese, so that's what we did! He had Fisher, Noah, Devan, Alex, & Brady.

On his actual birthday- April 13th- the PTA hosted our annual school carnival. It was a lot of fun and we stayed the whole time. A huge party just for my Luke ;)

Luke & Noah with the mascot Albert at the carnival.

Above is a group picture of the PTA moms :)

My friend Angie & I worked on the carnival baskets for the silent auction. It was a super busy few weeks leading up to the carnival and a very busy day, but all totally worth it!

Griffin is Growing!!

Since the move I have been so far behind on my blog. So, trying to play catch up is a bit of a challenge. I wanted to include the pictures I have been taking of him because he is growing so fast!
Here are just a few of my favorites...

First of all... we got the basketball goal up in the new driveway- finally feels like home!
In the above photo the boys ages are as follows
Luke: 6 Brady: 4 Owen: 2 Grffin: 3 months

Even though it seems like he doesn't like his brothers from the above picture he does! He loves them so much and laughs at everything they do.

PawPaw & Grandma Kay took us out to lunch one day in April so they could meet Griffin. We had such a nice time chatting! What a sweet picture!

Brady's Field Trip

April 9, 2013
Brady's Pre-K4 class took their Field Trip to Bayou Wildlife Park in Alvin. Griffin and I were able to join them for the fun!
Here is his class picture from a few weeks prior.

Brady with his food bucket for the tram ride. The animals will come up and eat food from your bucket which is really fun!

Here's the three of us!

It is always so much fun to spend some time with the boys and their little school friends. I just learn so much more about them when they are with their peeps!

Fun Field Trip!!!

Griffin Two Months!

Griffin turned two months old on April 6, 2013.He is such a precious little angel. He just goes with the flow and does whatever we are doing. He's a great sleeper and is as happy as a lark!

Here are his Two Month stats:
13lbs 2 oz
23.25 inches 

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter! I always love Easter. Just so many things to be thankful for and to celebrate!

Sweet Griffin is growing growing growing so fast!
Brady & Owen had their Easter parties and egg hunts at school.

Brady & me at his Easter party.

Our neighbors "egged" us! So fun!!
We had our traditional cousin egg dye which is always so much fun!
The Easter bunny came!

We had confetti eggs!
Griffin slept through Easter service at church.

Egg hunts!

and we ended our Easter celebration with a picnic at the park after church on Easter Sunday with our family.
Happy Easter Everyone!
He is Risen!!