Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Smoking some meat

Now that we are getting all settled in, Caleb & Brady were able to do their favorite thing together- smoke some burgers!!! This time, Brady had his very own smoker. Caleb is trying to teach him the ins and outs and Brady seems to really enjoy it. The burgers turned out super delicious!

First Day to Church

We took Griffin to church for the first time when he was 6 weeks old. He slept all the way through the service and everyone was excited to meet him!

One Month Old

March 6, 2013

New house

After almost 5 years at 1907 Prairie Creek we decided it was time to move. We LOVED our home so much, but were looking for a neighborhood with more children as well as a few other things we wanted in the house. We left the BEST neighbors- they were like family to us, so it was really hard to leave.

Our old house.

Here's our new house. We are still in the process of fixing up the inside to feel more like our home, so I will post pictures as we get things done. So far we love it here and have met some really great neighbors. There are tons of kids in the neighborhood which makes for lots and lots of play dates!

We moved here two weeks after Griffin was born. It was a pretty hectic time for all of us, but we are finally settling in and getting back to normal. 


On Super Bowl Sunday we went over to our friend's The Crockett's house to watch the game. Shortly after we arrived Luke got his foot caught in the hammock on the back porch and cut his chin open. It didn't take long to realize he would need stitches, so we loaded him up and took him in to get it stitched.

He was a brave boy. I knew he was in a lot of pain, but he was as tough as he could be. This happened the Sunday before we had Griffin, so that's why he has the huge bandage on his chin in all of the pictures with Griffin.

Monday, April 1, 2013

My Boys!

I love this picture of my boys. It's currently my new favorite!

Mamaw & Papaw Visit

About a week or two after Griffin was born Mamaw & Papaw came down for a visit. We enjoyed a nice meal with them and got to catch up. It's always a treat when they come in town!

Boys being boys

Mud Fight!!!

Happy valentines day 2013

Griffin was only a week old on Valentines Day this year. So, I was really hoping I could still make it to the other boys Valentine's parties and I was! It was nice to be able to get out and do something outside the house and celebrate with Luke, Brady, & Owen.

Happy Valentine's Day!

New Kid on the Block

The first few days at home went really well. All three of the other boys adjusted perfectly. We had not one single moment of jealousy out of anyone. They all just couldn't get enough of their new baby.

Bundled up after his first bath.

Brady hugs!

Luke & Brady took turns feeding him and sometimes still do.

Sweet sleepy boy!

Daddy thought this was a great prop for our little newborn!

So handsome!


Here is Griffin's birth announcement. The first picture is the front. This photo was taken by Sabrina Koogler, a photographer from our church. The second photo is the back. That photo was taken by Ginny Henderson.

Getting to Know Griffin

We stayed Wednesday through Saturday in the hospital. These are some of the pictures I took while we were there. It was so nice to just cuddle with him all day long :)

My recovery this time was much worse than in the past. I haven't quite figured out why, but I didn't remember it ever being as painful as it was this time.

This is one of my favorite pictures of those two.

I thought this was a funny picture of Griffin while he was having his hearing tested. He checked out just fine! They had to cover his eyes for the test.

Just before heading home on Saturday.

Meeting His Brothers

Luke & Brady were itchin' in their britches to meet their new baby brother.(Owen was excited too, but didn't fully understand what was happening. They were going to be spending the first two nights while we were in the hospital with Yaya & Papi and the second two nights with Grammy & Papa. I had talked to Luke that morning and told him today could possibly be the day and he could call us right after school to see if there was any news and sure enough...there was!

Steph brought Luke & Brady to the hospital on the first night & Owen got to come up the second night. You can tell by the reaction on their faces that they were instantly in love with Griffin!

I know the large bandage on Luke's chin is hard to miss... he cut his chin open the Sunday before Griffin was born and had to get stitches. More about that in another post.

Anyways... I have to pinch myself when I see all four of those handsome boys of mine :)

It's Time!!!

On February 6, 2013 we welcomed our sweet little Griffin! Our friend and photographer, Ginny, was there to capture some cool pictures of his birth. Here's how the store goes...

I had a pretty good idea that this would be the day. My doctor had told me that if I had ANY contractions at all I was to go to the hospital. Due the the fact that this was my 4th c-section there are certain dangers from having contractions. Wednesday morning I got everyone off to school and had been having contractions. I went about my normal day trying to get as much done as I could because I knew this would be my chance to get everyone settled before we would be in the hospital for a few days. Around lunch I headed in- I had to be on the monitor for a couple of hours so Dr. Morales could see what was going on to make a decision as to what we would do.
Above is a picture of me calling Caleb at work to tell him today would for sure be the day!

One last belly shot before we get to meet Griffin!

My mom made it to the hospital first while Caleb rushed home from Downtown. The nurse told us we would be headed to the operating room within 30 minutes.

Getting a little anxious... Hurry Caleb!!! (the rain that day probably didn't help his chances of making it to Clear Lake in a timely manner)

He made it! I felt so much better once he got there.

Here we are just before we went back.

The nurses had to wheel me back first then they would call Caleb within a few minutes to come in.

Surgery began and things went as smooth as possible. I am always a little nervous during this part, but the nurses and doctors did a great job helping me to feel more comfortable.

At 3:39 pm we had our baby boy!

Above is his very first picture.

Griffin with Dr. Morales. She has delivered all four of my babies.

I love this picture! That's Caleb holding his hand.

Daddy holding Griffin for the first time!
Shortly after Caleb met him, he brought him over to me. He was so sweet and looked so much like his brothers! I am always so happy when my kids are born looking like their brothers.

Sweet sweet baby!

Family and friends waited in the lobby to meet our baby and everyone agreed that he was as precious as could be. 

A few hours passed and we were taken into our hospital room where we would be staying. That night Luke and Brady came up to the hospital to meet him for the first time. Pics to follow...