Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Last of the Cousin Pics...

I stole these last two pictures from my sister in law's blog...

Cash was screaming and making Owen laugh in the bath. The cutest thing ever!

Yay! Both looking at the camera!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cute Pictures

Here are a few cute pictures I have gotten in the past few days... Owen's first slam dunk! Picture Day for Luke's class So well behaved! Luke & his friend William. The above picture is sweet, but sad to me... Luke & Madi have been in the same class every year since they were one. They have been inseparable, but next year both will be going to kindergarten at different schools. We have made them aware of the change, and they seem to be ok. Luke always just says they can go to school together again when they go to college at Baylor- which we think is a great plan!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Big Boy Things...

We've got some cool big boy things going on at our house right now...

Brady has been wearing big boy underwear for a week now with minimal accidents!

Owen learned how to drink from a cup!

Fun Day at the Park

We had a little bit of a cold front today, so we decided to go hang out at the park. Think someone is trying to cut a tooth???

The boys showed me some of their cool tricks

(owen just enjoys being outside even though he doesn't know any cool tricks yet)

It's a slide train!

Now THAT'S talent!

Cute as can be!

A Visit from EE, Nonah, & Cash!

Two weekends ago EE, Nonah, & Cash came in town! As always we went nonstop all weekend and had so much fun with them. While they were here, we had the boys pictures taken together because they are growing so fast!

Our little cutie pies!

Tired from driving all over town to find a cool location for the their pictures.

Our usual night out at Gringos

Luke can't get enough of EE & Nonah

Gotta have a bath picture!

I am so proud of my sweet nephew Cash. He is getting to be such a big boy & can do so many cool things like crawl, stand up, & take steps!

Not to mention how handsome he is!

All four cousins...don't think Brady got the memo that we were taking a picture.

We love you guys and can't wait to see you again soon!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baby O's Checkup

Although Owen is almost 7 months old...we just went for his 6 month checkup today. He checked out fine and here are his stats.
weight: 17 lb 5 oz
height: 27.25 inches

he is basically just long and skinny- but cute as can be ;)

With the weather as nice as its been, we just can't help but be outside lately. Tonight the boys and I went for a walk and Owen had his first wagon ride. he loved every second of it! What a big boy. Brady rode in the passenger seat with him and Luke rode his scooter right alongside. What fun!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Luke's Mealtime Prayer

Tonight before dinner Luke said this prayer:

"Thank you God for our food, and our house, and Mommy, and Daddy, and Owen. We love you. Amen"

Me: "and thank you God for Brady too."

Luke: "Mommy, I didn't say that...I just said Amen."

Little stinker....I know deep down he really does love his brother ;)

Learning Something New!

Note the smile behind that pacifier. We love those! Sometimes he even smiles so big that he drops it completely out of his mouth.

Owen will be 7 months old next week. He knows how to sit up, and he is figuring out how to go from a laying position to a sitting position, but I caught him doing something else today...

Not quite a crawl, but he is learning the motions. I love watching babies grow and learn. It is the coolest thing to see how they just automatically know what their next stage in life is.

What a great reminder that we serve an awesome Creator!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rodeo Day At School

Today was Rodeo Day at In His Steps Preschool!
The boys got all cowboyed up and went to school!

The boys were supposed to bring their favorite stuffed animal for the "Livestock Show". Brady thought it would be cool to bring his Woody doll since he is a real cowboy.

Luke brought his horse that EE gave him when he was two years old. Currently his name is "Bullseye".
The school had lots of fun activities planned for the day and the boys each came home talking about how much fun they had.

In Other News...

Brady made it the whole day at school in big boy underwear and didn't have any accidents! This makes two days in a row that he has been accident free! Yay B-ball!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rodeo 2011

If you know anything about Houston, you know that one of the things we are known for is our amazing RODEO!!! would be a sin for us not visit every year.

The boys got some new shiny boots, jeans, and snapped up their pearl snaps and we were off!
Our good friends Harper & Luke are not from these parts, so we were happy to take them along to their first EVER livestock show!

Sweet baby goat was only one week old.

Luke posing with a rooster & pig

Lazy, lazy, lazy!

Brady was a little nervous about most of the animals, but he liked this gentle deer.

Luke wasn't afraid of ANY of the animals. Did you know that Luke and Llama, both start with an "L"???? Luke did!

Since Cash is in town he went too! He liked this baby potbelly pig.

Handsome Cowboys!


Me & the "big boys". Owen stayed home with Aunt Lindsey so mommy could have some big boy time.



Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Visit From Our Cousin Cash!

Our sweet Cash is in town this weekend and through next week! My has he grown since we last saw him at Christmas. He has such a sweet personality. He can crawl, stand and pull up all by himself. Him and Owen are even starting to notice each other too. It is so cute to see their little interactions.

and Luke...he is CRAZY about Cash. The funny thing is that Cash seems to be just as crazy about Luke. He laughs at just about everything Luke does, which Luke thinks is just the coolest! We are having so much fun with our Cash and can't wait for EE & Nonah to be here in just a few days!!!