Friday, December 31, 2010

Woody & Buzz

One of the boys 12 days of Christmas gifts, was these Buzz & Woody pajamas. They have had the best time playing in them. I am so glad they have each other to hang out with and I can't wait until Owen can join in on the fun.

Bears in the Texas Bowl!

This year the Baylor Bears went to the Texas Bowl which is in Houston! Caleb got tickets for him, me, and Luke to go to the game. The little boys stayed home with Grammy & Papa and watched on tv.

Silly faces.

After the little boys left we painted Luke's face for the game. EE & Nonah got Luke a Bear cape so he HAD to wear that to the game too.

When he is wearing that cape he likes to pretend to be Bruiser, the Baylor mascot.

Bruisers face looks kinda like this...

Baylor lost the game, but Luke had a lot of fun at his first ever bowl game. Hopefully next year we will get to go again and have a better outcome!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Morning at our House!

I love it when everything is so covered in wrapping paper that you can barely see the floor!
This Christmas the boys got just what they asked Santa for...
Luke- Policeman set
Brady- Mower
Owen- Walker

Christmas 2010
Luke- 4 1/2 years
Brady- 2 years
Owen- 4 months

Owen loves his new walker! Thank you Santa!

Brady talking to Owen about something really really important!

Brady reading his new Toy Story book.
It seems like every year Christmas gets more and more fun with the boys. I love the excitement they have. The smiles on their face make me smile inside. I love you Caleb, Luke, Brady, and Owen. I am so blessed to have each one of you in my life.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

When we got home from Grammy & Papa's house on Christmas Eve the boys found their traditional Christmas pajamas in their stocking and hurried to get them on.

Owen could hardly stand the excitement brewing all over the house ;)
The boys still had a few things to do before bed...

Spread the reindeer food in the backyard.

...and leave cookies and milk for Santa. Brady is still trying to grasp this concept. He doesn't understand why you would leave perfectly good cookies for someone who isn't even here.
Then, after everyone was sound asleep in their beds, SANTA CAME!

Merry Christmas to all & to all a good night!

Christmas With the Wilsons

My mom's side of the family gets together every year on Christmas Eve at my parent's house. I always look forward to seeing everyone and the delicious food we get to enjoy along with our fun white elephant gift exchange. Before we left we got a quick family photo of the five of us.

After the extended family left, we had Christmas with Grammy, Papa, Aunt Lindsey, & Uncle Caleb.

Brady got a mower!

Luke got the Joker house!

The boys with the family.

Daddy helped Owen open his gift.

Papa & Luke- buds for life!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve Service

Our church does a Christmas Eve Eve service every year instead of having a Christmas Eve service. It gives families a little more freedom of Christmas Eve to spend time with family or go to another service. The kids get to come into the sanctuary with their parents and sing songs as a family. Although the kids are usually restless- it is nice to have them in their to celebrate Jesus' birth.

Before church I snapped a few pictures of the boys in their Christmas clothes.

Handsome, handsome, handsome!

A Visit to the Hospital...

So, as I mentioned in my last post, Luke & Brady got into some medicine while we were at the Allen's house for our family Christmas. We rushed them to the closest hospital as soon as we found out. When we got to the hospital we were told that both boys needed to drink charcoal and would be monitored for a few hours then get to go home. About an hour later the doctor came back in and told us that we would have to transfer the boys to Herman Children's Hospital's ICU to be monitored for 24 hours due to the fact that the medicine they took was a slow release pill.

Both boys were transported by ambulance at 2:00am to the Children's Hospital where they were closely watched. Unfortunately, part of this whole process included getting IVs put in their hands and EKG tests run every two hours. NO FUN!

Praise God that the next day they were both released to go home with no major side effects. Although this was a pretty traumatic even for all of us, it could have been so much worse. We are so thankful for God looking out for our two sweet boys.

Here are two pictures Erin took with her camera the day we got to go home.

The boys had separate rooms in the hospital. I stayed with Brady & Caleb stayed with Luke. Once we were out of the crucial point, the nurses let Luke & Caleb come over to our room to watch movies while we were waiting to be released.
This was definitely a Christmas none of us will ever forget.

Allen Family Christmas

Since Noah, Erin, & Cash were in town and needed to get back to Oklahoma before Christmas, we had our Christmas with the whole Allen family on the Tuesday before Christmas. We were thankful to have Mamaw, Papaw, & Cherokee here from Austin too!

As always, we started our gift giving with the reading of the Christmas story. This year Papaw read it to us.

Luke was EXTRA excited about his presents this year. He was bouncing off the walls all night long.

This was Brady's first year to start to understand what Christmas is all about. He was excited about every single gift he got. What a sweetie!

Cash loved to eat the wrapping paper.

Owen's first Christmas!

Taking it all in!

Brady is all about Toy Story this year. He loves anything Toy Story. One of his favorite gifts was his "Jessie". At one point he was jumping up and down saying "i got jessie, i got jessie" So fun!

Our Allen Christmas ended abruptly this year because Luke & Brady found some medicine upstairs and decided to eat it. Thankfully our sweet cousin Cherokee walked in and saw them. After a call to poison control we were advised to take them straight to the emergency room. The whole story will follow in the next post...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cookie Party 2010

The boys wanted to have their cookie decorating party again this year and since everyone had fun last year we decided to go ahead and do it again.
Above is our invitation. The words were underneath the gingerbread man.

Ready to decorate!

Owen can't wait until next year when he can do a cookie too!

Yummy cookies were made by Diane at Pink Bakery.

Brady got started right away!

Luke didn't waste any time either. I noticed that every cookie he decorated was green. To funny! Colors are very imporant to him right now.

Ashton ate while decorating as you can see ;)

Sweet Scartlett made a beautiful red, green, & white star.

Carter loved the cookie even without the icing! Yummy!

Grey did his cookies very carefully and with a lot of thought.

Our cousin Kennedy!

Our other cousin Cash fast asleep in mommy's room.

Great job Luke!

Luke's stocking.

Harper getting ready to enjoy her beautiful work of art.

Joleigh must really like the color pink!

Cherokee got to come again this year too. She is always a big help when she comes.

After napping during the cookie party, Owen & Cash were wide awake for the "after party"!
We had a fun time getting into the Christmas spirit with our friends. Thanks to everyone who came!