Friday, July 31, 2009

Crocodile Dock VBS

Vacation Bible School 2009!

This year I volunteered to direct VBS at our church. Although it was a lot of time, it was worth every minute. Seeing the children learn to trust God, praise Him, and have a blast was truly awesome!

Mom & Luke

Dad & B-ball

This is interesting because Luke is never this still. Not sure how we got this picture...

Luke with Alex & Johnny. Two of his "peeps"!

Our children's pastor, Mark Thomas. Super cool guy!

Luke was in the preschool class. Here he is with some of his classmates.

Chadder the puppet & Mrs. Deborah.

Brady enjoying a snowcone with his teacher Ms. Diane.

After the snowcone!

Luke making a craft.

Luke with one of his teachers Ms. Paige.

Our neighbor Emma with Ms. Sandra.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Little Boy is Growing Up...

A few weeks ago, we had Brady's one year old pictures taken by the talented Christina Shippey. She did an amazing job as you can see!

Just one new family picture with Brady in it this time!!!

It's hard to pick a favorite...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pool Party!

Last night we had our annual pool party with our small group from church. We had a blast. Luke is a little fish in the water! floaties!

Luke, Madi, and Chloe

The husbands enjoyed pool games. First they did a synchronized jump, then they mastered a synchronized ball toss/jump. It was really really great. They showed off their amazing skills!

Brady resting with a nice bottle!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Champion Softball Team

God's Squad, Caleb's softball team won first place last night in their Wednesday night softball league through the City of Pearland. You can see Caleb at the bottom last one to the left. Yay God's Squad!!! Now they will be automatically be enrolled in the championship tournament and play August 22nd. I am so proud of ya'll!
Notice the HUGE solid gold trophey in the middle!!! Bling Bling!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brady is 11 Months!

I can't believe my baby boy is almost one year old.

Sadly, I do not have many picture to post of him today because I almost forgot today was his 11 month birthday. As you see, I didn't even get this picture until right before he went to bed. Things have been crazy around here with me in charge of VBS next week. Sorry Brady- at least I didn't forget completely!!!

Today Brady got his first black eye. He and Luke have a little game where they cover their head with a blanket and tackle each other. Well, Luke decided to throw a blanket on Brady's head while he was walking and he fell and hit the coffee table. It really stinks being the little brother sometimes...

Here's what all Brady accomplished in his tenth month of life:

- WALKING!!! He has been taking steps since he was nine months, but didn't really start walking until he was 10 1/2 months old
- he can say "momma" and I absolutley love it! he even knows that I am his momma!
- within the last week he has begun doing "indian" where you cover you mouth with your hand and hum... he is so cute because he hasn't quite figured out how to do it to himself- he puts his hand on my mouth to do it.
- biting his crib... i noticed one morning that there were teeth marks at the top of his crib. I thought i was feeding him enough, but I guess not...

Happy Birthday Brady!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary to US!!!

Today is mine and Caleb's 7 year anniversary. Wow! I still believe God has given me the best husband in the world.
To celebrate our anniversary we bought all new bedroom furniture. We absolutely love it. We feel like king and queen! We also went to dinner Friday night at Carrabas. While we were at dinner we tried to think back to what we did for each anniversary. We could remember most, but there were some we couldnt. As we were walking to the car Caleb asked, "Did you scrapbook them?" No- unfortunately I didn't. That's why I love blogging. It's my own little journal of life and I plan to have it made into a book each year.
Anyway, We had a wonderful anniversary and look forward to celebrating many more!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Luke's Potty Party

After MONTHS of potty training issues. Luke has gone a whole week without any accidents at all. We feel like we can finally say he is fully potty trained. So, we kept up to our end of the deal with an ice cream potty party and celebrated tonight.
The original plan was to eat our ice creams at the ice cream store (Marble Slab), but thanks to the thunder storms that came through we decided to get it to go and have our party at home.
Luke ordered chocolate ice cream with sprinkles, strawberries, and gummy bears.

As a reward for reaching his goal- he got a pack of Superman action figures. This is his first Superman to have and he loves it! Once he opened his gift he forgot about the ice cream!

We also got him a special bag to keep library books in when we get back into going regularly.
It was a really fun night spent with family eating dinner off Batman plates, getting balloons, playing Superman, and eating ice cream!
Yay for Lukey!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


A few weeks back I posted a few pics that my friend Katie took of the boys, but last Sunday she gave me a disk of all of the pics she took. I stumbled upon this one...
No words needed.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wave Pool!

We ventured out to LaPorte today to visit the wave pool.
Here's our group from left to right:
Kristen and her girls Madi & Abi, Katie and her girls Chloe & Katelyn (Kyle stayed home), Christy and her boys Asher & Alex, Me and Luke, my sister Lindsey.

Luke was happy with staying in his life jacket all day long. I think the waves had him a lot more cautious than normal.... safety first!

Christy & Alex

Kristen, Madi, & Abi

Katie & Katelyn

Mommy & Luke

The moms!

What a fun day! I really enjoyed being able to spend some one on one time with Luke. Brady stayed home with Aunt Kaitlen. Luke had a blast and can't stop talking about it. Just another reason why I love summer time!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Last Day of Swimming Lessons

Starting on the second day of swimming lessons Luke began to enjoy it. I didn't even recognize him on the first day. My Luke who loves to swim came out of his shell the rest of the week and learned a lot.

Learning some skills!

Luke and his teacher Mrs. Friske.
Notice the water falls- those were Luke's favorite part of the whole week!

Enjoying a "hopsickle" at the end of the day.

Luke's accomplishments this week:
-swimming under water
-diving for rings with assistance
-learning to swim on his back
-keeping his head under water when swimming
-pushing off the side to swim
-learning not to rely on floaties

Quote of the week:
"Mommy, I can see under water if i have my goggles on!"

A New Way of Transportation

I can finally say for sure that Brady is a walker! He has been walking much more since Monday, but I didn't want to say it until I saw if he continued strong. Sure enough! He has been walking pretty much nonstop. He loves his new way of transportation.
He has been taking steps for about a month, just trying to be cautious- but he finally figured he could do it- no holds barred.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Swimming Lessons- Day One

Yesterday was Luke's first day of swimming lessons. Above you see him applying his own sunscreen... (i fixed it later)

Here is Luke sitting waiting for his turn. This is only the beginning. Looks like things are going well doesn't it???

Unfortunately, we did not have a good experience with swimming lessons on the first day. Luke was not happy about swimming with someone who was very unfamiliar to him. He freaked out the whole time. I am really hoping today goes better- after yesterday I would love to just say nevermind and try again another time.
However- we may learn more than swimming in these lessons. Maybe how to finish what we have started even if we don't like it. We are not raising a QUITTER!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Proud to be an American!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July celebrating our nations independance. We are so blessed to be able to live in such a great country. Thanks to all of the soldiers who have made that possible for us.

Luke spent 4th of July with Grammy & Papa watching fireworks on Clear Lake. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of him from yesterday :(

We decided to stay home with Brady and have a little family time (even though we didn't have our whole family). It was very nice and Brady was glad to be the only child for a little while!

Here are some pictures I took in the back yard last night. I like the above picture even though you can't see B-ball's patriotic shirt.

I tried getting a picture of him walking, but he was a little freaked out to walk on the grass- so we got one of him standing...