Sunday, February 28, 2010

Scarlett's Birthday Party

This weekend we went to Scarlett's 3rd birthday party! She even had a special guest at her party...TINKERBELL! It was lots & lots of fun and the boys had fun celebrating with Scarlett.

Brady had the bouncy all to himself for a few minutes & loved it!

Enjoying yummy Tinkerbell cupcakes!

King of the Bouncy!

Brothers enjoying some candy from the candy bar before we got in the car.
Happy Birthday Scarlett!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Luke's Accident

Yesterday was such a pretty day out so we went in the backyard to play for a little bit. Luke asked if he could climb a tree and after seeing that it was a pretty low tree I told him that would be fine. In my opinion, all boys need to climb trees and this was a safe height. He got up and was having a great time until he fell!!!
After over an hour of screaming I decided to call the doctor to see if I should take him to the ER. They advised me to go ahead and take him in to get him checked out because this was a lot of pain for just a scrape.
I took him in and after the doctors checked him out they told me he needed a cat scan to check his spleen for a possible puncture wound since that area was especially tender to the touch. With a cat scan comes an IV. The first attempt at the IV was unsuccessful, but the second worked. They took him in for XRays & cat scan. Both turned out to be fine and they determined he suffered some bruising and a large scrape on his stomach. Three band aids & three stickers later we were out the door! Thankfully, he did not have any puncture wound to his spleen, just pretty sore from the scrape and fall.

We got home late last night & as promised he was able to sleep on the couch and watch the movie of his choice. He was such a good boy through his traumatic experience at the ER.

Here is his scrape on the second day. It is still pretty sore, but he is perfectly fine and will make a full recovery!
What an experience!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Grow Baby Grow

Our new baby is also growing very fast these days!

Above is a picture of our baby at 7 weeks.

Then last week at my 11 week appointment you could really begin to see a baby in there!

We are very excited for April to get here so we can see if this is Brooklyn or Owen!

Brady is 1.5 years!

Scary thought isn't it Brady!

Where to begin with my sweet little B-ball???
-Favorite things to eat:
Eggs/Breakfast sausage/cheese
Sausage/Greens/Ranch Style Beans (just like Bubba)

-Favorite things to do:
Play with Bubba
Read books
Watch Elmo
Play Outside
Give kisses

"vampire" teeth came in last week
diagnosed with asthma about a month ago
suffered hand, foot, & mouth- thank goodness that is over ;)
vocabulary has exploded- repeats just about everything he hears

-Clothing sizes
shoes- 6
shirts- 2T
pants- 24m-2T
diapers- 5

Luke & Brady have really been playing together a lot more lately. Brady likes pretty much anything Luke does and Luke is fine with that SOME of the time. He still gets annoyed by Brady some too, but overall likes to play with him. Brady is definitely able to hold his own with Luke these days though. He doesn't take much of anything out of him and give it right back to him if needed!

Both of my sweet boys are still 100% momma's boys, but they also LOVE playing with daddy. He is much better at playing boy stuff than I am. Caleb is building such a strong bond with them and I love to see their relationships blossom with both of us in very different ways. I couldn't be more blessed!

Happy 18 month birthday B-ball! We love you!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Fun!

To celebrate Valentine's Day, I made a cookie cake and let Luke decorate it. He chose not to go with the traditional red icing for his cake because that was a "girl color". Even though it looks a little more like a St. Patrick's Day cake, if you look closely it says Happy Valentine's Day!

Very good decorating job Luke!

Time for a Big Boy Bike

Tonight we decided to put away Luke tricycle & get out his big boy bike. Caleb spent some time working with him and getting him used to the training wheels. With a little more practice this week he should be a pro!

Fun Brother Time...

The other night Brady comes downstairs wearing Luke's old halloween costume. Come to find out, Luke had helped him get it on so he could chase him around and scare him. I think he is teaching Brady the art of scaring, so what better way than with a lion costume.
If you look closely at the above picture you can see Luke peeking around the corner waiting for Brady. They had so much fun with this!

Up close of my scary little lion!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Life Group Valentine Party

Last night we had our Small Group Valentine Dinner at Dan & Katie's house. They did a wonderful job on the decorations and we had Olive Garden for dinner.
Each person submitted their baby pictures to Katie & her mom created this lovely board for us to try to guess who was who. It was such a cute game.

Dan & Caleb

Me & Caleb

Me & Kristen. I had planned on taking more pics with other friends too, but never did it :(

Our whole group. What a fun time! As always we feel so blessed to be part of such an amazing group!
Happy Valentine's Day & thanks Crockett's for hosting!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our Valentine Card

Post Valentine Party...

Tonight Luke was going through his Valentines he got from his school. One of his sweet little girl friends game him a Tinkerbell valentine. He pulled it out and said "yuck! I don't want that! I dont like Tinkerbell". "Why did she give that to me?"
I couldn't help but laugh and try to explain how valentines really work...

Luke's Valentine Party

Today was Luke's Valentine Party at school. He made this lovely heart bag to hold all of his valentines.

The kids got to decorate heart valentine cookies. As always, Luke did an amazing job and used as much icing as possible!

Here's the class as they decorated.

Luke and Rafi...not sure why Luke is making such a crazy face...

Luke & Madi. Again, not sure why the face...

Here Luke is giving Madi her valentine from him. He gave each kid a fun dip and some bath foam. Mrs. Alissa had each kid pass out their valentines one by one which I thought was really cool.

Here is Joseph giving Luke a valentine.

Opening some "mail" from Mrs. Alissa.

Cute handprint picture for Valentine's Day!

Mrs. Alissa gave everyone a valentine glow light, so we turned the lights off and played- the kids loved it!

The whole class with Mrs. Alissa.

A fun silly song at the end of the party. Sticking your tongue out was part of the song.
Luke had been looking forward to his Valentine Party for several days and I think it was all he hoped it would be!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Smile From A Happy Boy

As you can see, Brady is feeling much better and is completely healed from his Hand, Foot, & Mouth rash. YAY!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hand, Foot, & Mouth

Poor little Brady woke up today with a terrible rash covering his hands, feet, & mouth (inside & out). I took him to the doctor and sure enough...he has hand, foot, & mouth rash. He has not been sleeping well for the past three nights and now I know why. Here's what it looks like...

I am praying this goes away soon so he can finally be free of the pain. Poor B-ball :(