Sunday, August 21, 2011

1:1 Date with Luke

Last week was a CRAZY week! We had lots to do at Luke's school, I was in the hospital with some crazy stomach thing, and Caleb was really busy with work. BUT, we did make time to have our one on one date with Luke. His Kindergarten Orientation was Thursday night, so we went to that then took him to his choice of places to eat. He chose none other than Lubys!!! We raise them right around here ;)

Dad & Luke in front of Lubys!

Luke's favorite thing about Luby's is that he can pick whatever he wants to eat. He picked, chicken, cabbage, and fried okra with yellow jello! (shout out for the Baylor Bears)

It was a wonderful evening we got to share with just us and Luke. That doesn't happen that often, but it is so fun when it does. He loved being the center of attention too. We learned lots about his new school and enjoyed a delicious meal!

Later that night was when I was admitted into the hospital :(

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Amy said...

Props to you that he picked cabbage. I need to learn from you.