Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Brady & Owen's First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for Brady and Owen! Brady started Pre-K 3 and Owen started Mother's Day Out. The two of them will only be going on Tuesday & Thursday.

Brady with his Preschool sign

Little school boy Owen sporting his gold and green on the first day;)

We traditionally take a picture of Luke & Brady on the stairs on the first day of school, so today I tried to do the same with the younger two. Their ages aren't quiet as easy to capture cute shots.

Got my black and white backpack shot as always!

Brady & Mrs. Symms (also known as Mrs. Alissa)

Luke had her as his teacher when he was 3, so Brady is already really familiar with her. She is lots of fun!

She had the idea to have each kid sign their name on the first day... we obviously need to work on this ;)

With his name tag!

He did great! He went right in and sat down to play. No tears and he hardly even told me goodbye :(

Then it was Owen's turn. I was a little nervous about leaving him because he has a rough time being left at church.

Mrs. Gemma & Ms. Brianne are his teachers this year. They were sweet enough to stop for a quick picture amongst lots of crying kids.

Look! There's his name on the birthday chart!

Checking everything out. NO tears though :)

Hmmmm??? I wonder what's in here?

He found a truck way back in the back of that shelf and he was sold on staying!

Here's what's going on each day.

A kiss bye and I was out the door. My babies were all distributed and happy for the time being.

At the end of the day, Brady had a very good report. He had a blast and really loved his class. Owen did good too! The teacher said there were a few tears throughout the day, but all in all a great day!

Glad that part is over!

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