Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Home Made Play-dough

With a week and a half of summer left, we finished the very last thing on our Summer Fun List today and that was making home made play-dough.

It was quite an interesting process that involved a lot of salt. (I always thought it tasted pretty salty as a kid).

Brady & Luke stirred all of the ingredients together first before separating the dough and mixing the colors. Meanwhile, Owen illegally stood up in his high chair when he should have been SITTING and eating his Cheerios.

We divided our mixes into 4 colors. I decided who got what colors this time. I wasn't really in the mood to have an all out war over who got to have the color blue which I knew Luke would win. Last time we did this poor Brady ended up with yellow and red and Luke walked away with blue AND green.

A quick stir with some heat and we are well on our way to some play dough!

Messy hands as always :)

Our finished product!

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