Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spring Soccer Season

This season Madi and Luke get to play on a team together for soccer. They have been friends since they were babies, but haven't ever got to play a sport together. Madi is a little less aggressive (as are most other little girls this age) but Luke told her the seriousness and I think they have an understanding...

Today was their first game.

Owen loves it when Mommy brings the snacks for the team because he gets to enjoy all kinds of cool stuff. Baby size water bottles are the best!

Brady is at the age now where he REALLY wants to play. Coming to games and practice to watch Bubba play is literally like torture. He even asked if he could wear Luke's old jersey to the game today. I know this is just a hard phase since he is the little brother and isnt quite old enough to be on the team, but I can't wait until he gets his own turn.

Luke and his team played a great game and won! It was fun to be back watching Luke play. He takes games so seriously. He will do whatever it takes to make sure his team wins.

All smiles after a big win!

Brothers & Sisters!

Go Texan Day

Friday, March 24th was Go Texan Day which meant free dress code day at Luke's school. I laid out all of his cute cowboy clothes the night before so they would be ready first thing in the morning. Well...Friday is also PE Day. Luke was not about to wear his boots to PE because "Mom, there is no way I can run in those boots" I tried my best to change his mind but he wasn't budging. Oh well, Brady & Owen have Go Texan Day in a few weeks so I am sure I can get them in their boots...

This is the way he walked out the door on Go Texan Day...

Smile for the Camera!

Owen is learning just like his brothers did that when Mommy has her camera you need to smile. He is getting really good at his "cheeeeeeeese" smile!

Valentines Day 2012

Valentines Day was always one of my favorite holidays as a child. Oftentimes Caleb was my Valentine and I couldnt wait to see which Valentine card he picked out for me. My boys are not quite at the ages where they would have an actual Valentine, but it is still so much fun for them. Fun for them, means fun for me too :)

All three of them had their parties on the same day back to back. Thankfully there weren't any two at the same time.

The first party was Luke's first thing in the morning. The kids were super pumped! They made these heart necklaces, decorated cookies, and played Valentines Bingo.

Luke and his friend Annie

The whole class. What a fun party it was!

Then I headed over to Brady & Owen's Mother's Day Out.

Owen's class had a party, but it was just going to be a small shindig with lunch. These little ones don't really know anything about Valentines Day, but they all had a special treat for one another courtesy of their moms.

Sadly, this was the only picture I got :( Guess I was to busy chasing this crazy boy around to be snapping any pictures...

Lastly, it was time for Brady's celebration. That morning I had painted hearts on his cheeks per his request. By the time we got to school he already had the paint all over his shirt :/

Oh well, it was fun!

Brady loves Mrs. Symms. I think she is currently on his list of favorite people.

Gavin is also on that list :)

The class enjoyed passing out their Valentine treats to one other as well as cookie decorating and decorating their Valentine bags. Oh the joys of Preschool!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Pajama Day!

Two Thursdays ago... I know I am super duper behind on posting.

It was Pajama Day at Brady & Owen's school. Sadly, Owen was sick that day so he didn't get to participate, but Brady chose to wear his Toy Story Sleepwear. It's funny because he goes through little spurts on what he wants to sleep in and IT DOES MATTER. That week he was into his Toy Story stuff. This week, I have washed his Star Wars stuff every day after he takes it off so he can re-wear it that night. Yes, I know that seems like a lot of work to do for a three year old, but it's the little things in life, ya know...

Anyway, Brady had a blast at Pajama Day. I mean, come on, do you know how cool it is to wear your PJ's to school???

p.s. we did make it to the haircut place that same day in case you were worried :)