Sunday, July 31, 2011

Owen is 11 Months Old Today!

Look at my sweet little 11 month old! Such a big boy now! He has changed so much in the last month and can do lots of new things.

He started walking! He still uses crawling as his main source of transportation, but he definitely knows how to walk now and we are seeing him walk more and more every day.

He loves just about anything outside. Especially this three wheeler and his swing.

His big brothers are crazy about him and he loves them too. I know he misses them when they are not around even though he probably enjoys a break from them constantly picking him up.

He can also clap now as he is showing you in the picture above.

Other new things...

- he can wave

- we are transitioning to sippy cups only and less bottles

- we have been doing the cry out method for naps and night (still working on this, but getting better)

- we are transitioning to whole milk and phasing out the formula

**I am in the planning stages of his first birthday party! We are going to do a family only party this year since we just had Brady's party this weekend and we don't want friends to have to turn around and attend another Allen birthday party... Next year we will just have Brady and Owen's party together, but this year we wanted to do a little something special for Owen.

**Owen will also start Mother's Day Out twice a week starting August 23rd. He will probably start out just going three hours each time, then maybe phase into the whole 5 hours after January.

So, that's pretty much it for Owen at this point. He continues to be as sweet as ever and is growing into a precious little toddler.

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