Sunday, July 17, 2011


We are an outside family- meaning most nights when we are home, we head outside immediately after dinner.

This weekend, Caleb installed these really awesome hooks on our garage for Owen's swing. Now he can swing away while the other boys play play play!

and if Daddy parks in the's an extra treat!

There's lots of these kinds of things going on...

and these...

(Brady has discovered that it's actually more fun to jump off the top of his car than ride in like he's supposed to)

and Luke, well he's still throwing his Baylor football with Daddy ;)

and Brady is really getting good at throwing and catching too!

Quick pose for Mom. Luke loves it when I take action shots of him throwing the ball though.

Baby Brother is still swinging away!

Those are some good looking, sweaty boys if you ask this Momma! Especially that last one ;)

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