Tuesday, July 12, 2011

If There Is One Thing I Hate More Than Anything...

it is watching my kids feel pain. Unfortunately, Brady has had his fair share of staph infections. I know these are relatively minor, but in his little world they are anything BUT minor.

Generally, an abscess forms on his bottom and we have to go into the doctor's office and have it lanced and drained with little or no numbing or pain medicine. Brutal.
Two out of five of these times, he has been in the hospital under sedation. Thankfully, today he was able to be completely out when they drained his abscess.

This is him with his little "margarita" in his IV. So happy..not a care in the world. He was the cutest "drunk" I have ever seen ;)

He repeatedly said "Hi Mommy!" like I had just walked into the room. He also kept saying "whoa" like he was dizzy. It was pretty entertaining to watch.

Then he enjoyed a popsicle while the sedation wore off.

Finally, it was time to take his IV out- but Brady didn't want to take his out. NO! It made him Buzz Lightyear! He even had a light up finger (heart monitor)!

Needless to say, although I don't ever wish to have to take my kids to the hospital for any reason, this experience was MUCH easier than some we have had in the past given the circumstance. The staff at the hospital was amazing, so all of the credit goes to them.

Now he is home from his day at Texas Children's Hospital and recovering on the couch watching his nonstop movie marathon.

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