Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shark Cupcakes

We are checking things off our Summer Fun List left & right this week. Yesterday we did a secret service project (which will remain a secret ;), today we made these cool shark cupcakes, & Friday we head out to Oklahoma!

Some of our friends who also made a Summer Fun List had making cupcakes on their list too, so we joined forces and conquered these seemingly impossible shark cupcakes. Check this out...

So, the mommas got the cupcakes to this point because some of the preparation involved cutting with a sharp knife. Then we handed them over to our little munchkins to decorate as best they could!

but first, sweet Madi snuck Brady a lick :)

Brady decided to just throw caution to the wind and forgo our design and stick with his own plan which turned out to be quite a work of art.

Abi's shark

Madi's shark

Luke's shark

and a close up of Brady's shark. I am positive he took a few bites here and there just for the sake of living up to his reputation.

Here is mine & Kristen's best attempt at the shark.

few more post decorating licks and we set the kids free in the backyard to eat their creations!

Yes, it was right before dinner, but sometimes ya just gotta have dessert first ;)

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