Thursday, July 28, 2011

Making Progress

This summer has been so much fun. I don't want to see it end :( We have marked almost everything off our summer fun list and have been working diligently on our summer learning goals. We enrolled Luke into a Kinder Prep Class through the city. He goes twice a week for three hours until school starts. Every day he is there, he learns a new sight word and each week he learns how to spell a new color. He has homework to do and kindergarten books to begin to read.

This morning as we were practicing, I think he may have FINALLY mastered the letter "K". If you only knew the joy I had when seeing him accomplish this! That stupid "K" has given him trouble every since he first started learning to write his name. We have practiced it with sidewalk chalk, spaghetti noodles, paint, colors, you name it! There was even a time when I thought to myself..."Maybe I should have given him an easier name to write".

But today was the day! Just goes to show that hard work DOES pay off. And we really CAN do hard things. I hope I never forget that "K". At least for now I will be using it as an example for him to keep trying just like he did when he was writing his "K". it is! The most beautiful letter "K" I have ever seen!

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Jodi said...

My heart just melted with joy for Luke and you! YEA!!!!!!