Monday, July 4, 2011

Rouse Family Vacation

We just got home from a vacation on the Llano River in Mason, TX with the Rouse side of our family. It was a 4 hour drive from Pearland and since Luke rode with EE & Nonah & Owen stayed home with Grammy and Papaw, we had some time with Brady all by himself. It was so much fun!

Along the road we passed a little town called Brady, TX. How cool is that?

The roads were covered in hills and lots and lots of cactus. Beautiful scenery the whole way.

I love this sweet little boy!

Then we finally reached our destination... Honey Creek Ranch.

The trip was a blast... lots of fishing.

and rides in the canoe

and beauty...

and fun time with our cousin Cash...

and swimming in the river!

and time in The Great Outdoors!

A Little Boy's Paradise!

Even paradise for the big boys ;)

Caleb and Noah grilled burgers that were really good!

Luke & his cousin Cody.

Fun times floating the river :)

Lots of awesome places to take pictures.

Look at Caleb jump off that cliff! Luke jumped off the same cliff, but I didn't get a picture :(

Sam & Steph

Caleb and Samuel

It was breathtaking! We had the whole thing all to ourself.

well, almost to ourself. there were lots of snakes looking to eat. this one got one of the fish we caught. he was found sitting in our chair :/

Karaoke at night!

all of the girls!

Noah & Caleb with Papaw.

What a wonderful weekend!

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Amy said...

Looks amazing. I'm going to have to remember this place.