Monday, September 10, 2012

Luke's First Football Game

Last Saturday, September 8, 2012 was Luke's first football game! He had been so excited about this day and it finally came. The coolest part was that they got to play in "The Rig" where the real Pearland Oilers play! I don't think it gets any better than that for a 6 year old who loves Pearland football.
Yep! They even had their own run-thru!

Luke had his own little fan club at the game. Grammy, Papa, Papi, Yaya, Sam & Steph, KK, and of course Mom & Luke and Brady. Daddy was on the field coaching.

Warming up!

As a mom of boys, one of the many things I have always looked forward to is wearing my boy's jersey with their number on the back. Well, my dream finally came true! I had "Allen 10" on the back of my jersey which made me so very proud.

Brady, Brady, Brady. He breaks my heart. He wants to play SOOOOO bad and I know it's so hard to come and watch Luke get to play and get all of the attention. We have set a rule though that the boys can't start playing sports until they are 5...otherwise we would be going even more crazy with all of their sports schedules than we already will be. It's tough right now, but his day will come very soon. Until then, I am trying to work with him at home when Luke is gone and build up his self esteem.

Luke's team rocked it! They won 25-0!!!
I was so proud of my boy! He got a touchdown, safety and an extra point. As well as playing mean defense. He stopped a very fast runner from getting a touchdown. What a game!

Victory snack after the game!
Their jerseys were delayed coming in, that's why he is in a plain black shirt...

My favorite coach with my favorite QB. Love these two!

Luke even had a special guest come to watch him play! His sweet friend Emily who was in his class last year came! She was cheering him on and so excited to get a picture with him. It was really sweet.

Quick family picture before we went home to get that stinky boy a shower!
Way to go Oiler Black!

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