Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Baylor Game 2012

This year we renewed our Baylor season tickets and last Sunday was the first game of the season. 
Baylor vs. SMU
We drove to Waco with Luke & Brady. Owen stayed home with Grammy & Papa (a few more years and he can go too). The boys always love to go to see their Baylor Bears! Luke is a die hard Baylor football fan. He knows the players names, positions, good plays they've made, etc... he is fun to be around- I learn some good football knowledge from him. He is just like his daddy.

Brady loves football in small doses. He loves to tailgate, he loves the beginning of the game, he then gets a little antsy, then we get up for halftime, then he's back in the game for a bit, then back to being antsy until the end of the game. I think that will get better with age. Anyway- he loves his Bears.

Caleb & me!

This trip we got to spend some time with our friends The Wilsons. I have talked about them before- they were our very first married friends when we moved to Waco and truly a gift from God. We have stayed in touch with them over the years and always have a great time when we see them. They now have two kids who are Luke & Brady's age which makes things even more fun. 

We are looking forward to a great season of Baylor football! Sic' Em Bears!

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