Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Catching up...

The past few weeks have been super busy, so I have been slacking on my blog posts. Here is a very quick catch up.

Brady is in a new football phase. Not sure if it's motivated by Luke playing now or what, but it is pretty intense. He refuses to wear anything but a jersey wherever he goes. He has also come to the realization that the Mario Williams jersey he already has is no longer valid due to the fact that Mario no longer plays for the Texans. Therefore, he will not wear that one even for pretending unless I distract him while he is putting it on and he forgets to check the name on the back.

He is also still the fisherman of the family so when Papa invited him to go fishing a the church pond he was in pure HEAVEN. They even caught lots of fish! This bass was their biggest catch so they had to get a picture with it. Thank you Papa for making Brady's whole week! 
Sidenote: not only does Brady love to catch fish, but he also loves to eat them as well. I made fish for dinner tonight and he had 4 pieces- no joke.

On to Luke...

He's been playing flag football since the end of the summer, but his jerseys were delayed in shipping. He did get his jersey today and it's super cool! Love Love Love! It will be so much easier to spot him on the football field now with his jersey! Yay!

I was cleaning out Luke's backpack tonight and found this note. Mrs. Judge has a mailbox set up for each student and encourages them to write notes and leave them in each other's mailbox. I think that's a bright idea on her part because it gets them to have fun while practicing their writing skills. Another reason why I love Mrs. Judge. Anyway...isn't that a cute note his friend Fisher wrote him? 

Last Friday night was Pearland High School's first home game! We try to attend as many home games as we can because we have so much fun at them. Brady and Owen chose to stay with Grammy and Papa for this game, so it was just us and Luke. Luke's team got to run out on the field at the beginning of the game because it was youth football night (more pics to follow). Shortly after the game started and began to rain and I was out of there (this momma loves football, but not in the rain). Apparently the Oilers aren't to fond of the rain either because they lost :( Hopefully next week will be better.

Sadly, I do not have any picture of Owen to post. I don't know what happened with that... Maybe its just that he is much harder to get picture of these days because he is busy busy (that was a lame excuse- I need to get better at that) Anyway, He is doing great and loving school. His newest thing is watching Dora the Explorer (I know, I know-that's a girl show, but come on he's 2 it's not like he's carrying a purse or anything) and practicing making animal sounds- he is getting really good at that. I think that's partly why he likes Dora because there are a lot of animals on her show. 

So, now I am officially somewhat caught up with my blog posts!

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