Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Up For the Challenge!

Not long ago, the boys celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday at school. He would have turned 108 this year. In the midst of all of the celebrations, Luke learned a lot about Dr. Seuss and has been really interested every since. We pulled out all of our Dr. Seuss books and read them a few weeks back then today when we were at the library we had an idea...

We wanted to try to read every book Dr. Seuss ever wrote. According to Luke there were 44 of them (he must have misunderstood his teacher somehow) but when I got home and searched online to print off a list, I counted 119. YIKES! Oh well, we checked out 11 books from the library today and we will just keep checking them off our list until we are finished.

One day they boys will be able to say they have read every single one and that's kinda cool!

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