Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Last week Caleb was out of town all week. So, to pass the time I got out all of my fall decorations and went to town. For the past year, I have been trying to think of new ways to decorate with all of my old things by just changing the way I am used to seeing them. It has worked really well for me because it seems like I have new stuff but I don't!

As I was putting all of my fall things out I realized that just about all of it has a special meaning to me or reminds me of something or someone.

This bowl of pumpkins reminds me of Mamaw. She was in town when I got these and I remember her asking where I got them so she could go get some, so that's why I always think of her when I see these. They have relocated from their normal spot in the kitchen window to the coffee table.

This is my new fall mantle. The mustard hydrangias in the bucket remind me of my sister in law Erin. I always think of her when I see the color mustard, plus I think she has an arrangement similar to this one.

This fall berry garland reminds me of my friend Charlene. I got this one Saturday morning a long time ago when we went garage saling.

These pumpkins remind me of my friend Jodi. I got these at a garage sale one day when I was with her.

Like my new blocks? I have been wanting these forever and finally found a lady that makes them. Awesome awesome!

This twig pumpkin reminds me of Waco. I think because I got this when Caleb and I first got married and lived in Waco. It even still smells like our house there.

Last but definately not least. These are my favorite fall decorations. My kid's handprint turkey plates. They both had the same two year old teacher and they made these in her class. I will cherish these forever and I really hope Owen makes me one too.

Some of my favorite fall memories are:

-my Mimi and her famous turkey and stuffing

-my neighbor Jeanie who lived across the street from us and her really fun Halloween parties

-the Thanksgiving I spent in Boston with my aunts Leslie & Leigh and their families

-Luke's first trip to the pumpkin patch when he was 6 months old. He was the cutest lion ever!

-the sound of a football game in the background while I am making pumpkin rolls.

-fresh pot of mums on the front porch

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Lately we have been very busy! More busy than usual with lots of things going on. Caleb was out of town last week, we started a new semester in lifegroup, PTA, soccer, sick get the picture. Although things have been crazy I still had a chance to snap a few shots of the kids lately.

Luke is learning, learning, learning up a storm. He wrote this page and I will translate...
Top 2 lines: alphabet
3rd line: AB
4th line: pattern (meaning AB pattern- which they are learning in school)
5th line: texans, baylor
6th line: oilers (pearland high school's team name), sunday (that's the day the texans play)
7th line: texans (just for practice ;)

And while our big boy Luke is learning his little heart out- me and the little boys have been playing!

The splash park with sweet friends was calling our name and we couldn't's hot out there ya'll!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hey, Hey, Hey #2...

I ALWAYS wanted a little boy. ALWAYS. I wanted to go to his games and cheer him on and get sweaty hugs, and be his biggest fan and wear his jersey when he gets to high school. All of that boy mom stuff. have to have a boy who actually likes to play a sport to be able to get all of that. Not all boys like sports, in fact, I am not even sure that all three of mine will. There is one things certain though...Luke Allen does ;)

He had his second soccer game this week. He is definitely in his element out there. We aren't quite sure if it's because he's playing soccer or just because he is getting to play anything that involves being on a team. I have a million pictures of him playing- I know. I like to capture his action shots because they show exactly how he feels when he is playing.

Like this...

Woo Hoo! I scored my first goal of the game!

After he scores he gets this little half smile then he's ready to do it again.

I must say the HARDEST part of the game for him is having to take a stupid water break. I know it kills him to have to rotate out and let someone else have a turn.

Put me in coach! I am ready to play. Today!

There goes my #2! Goal!

You see that little blue jersey back there with two fists in the air? That's my #2!

and he hustles the whole game.

Ready for action.

Do not be mistaken. There are some really intense moments too.

Way to play Luke! If you're gonna play, you might as well play hard!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mamaw's Birthday & Rouse Homecoming

Yesterday we took a day trip to Leander for Mamaw's birthday and the Rouse High School Homecoming game. That's us with Mamaw & Papaw. Rouse High School is named after Papaw.

Me & my honey.

Luke, Brady, and their cousins got to run through the tunnel before the game with all of the football players.

Owen did really well the whole time. He did great in the car and great at the game. He loves Rouse Raider Football!


This is our group at the game. Out of our family of 35, 27 were there. Fun times!

Me, Susan, and Kate- 3 of the Allen girls in the Rouse bunch.

Happy Birthday to Mamaw & the Raiders won the game!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

That Time Again...

Yep, its that time again. Time for well visits to the doctor. Brady just turned 3 & Owen just turned 1 so I thought it would be good to take them both together and kill two birds with one stone. I am still trying to decide if that was a good idea or not. We went today while Luke was in school- but the three of us who did go all left in tears...

Everything was going fine for the most part. Brady is pretty traumatized by the doctor due to the fact that the poor child has had 5 staph infections over the past three years which all ended with him being held down in the doctors office and the doctor draining them. misery. So, it takes ALOT of sweet talking to get the doctors to win him over. Dr. Onheiser is a really good doctor and does great with kids. He made friends with Brady right off the bat, so that helped some.

Brady is still very touchy though. Owen...friendly as can be ;)

So, the big fear in my little 3 year old's mind is of course, "I don't want to get a shot". Meaning, when the doctor says "Well, it looks like he is due for his Hep A vaccination" I start making a plan of how in the world we are gonna pull this off. What treat can I offer at the end to help ease the pain, etc... because seriously- no matter how hard you try, you can't convince a 3 year old that this shot they are about to receive is "good" for them and is gonna keep them from getting really sick. At least this is the experience I have had.

The nurse walks in and Brady starts freaking out. Meanwhile, Owen is walking around the room putting every single little thing he can find off the floor into his mouth. Being sure to leave that office with as many germs as he can possibly find. lovely. I can't worry about that right now though- I have to hold Brady down so they can give him his shot.

That was over- then it was Owen's turn. Not sure what's worse...the child who knows whats coming and is totally freaking out or the sweet little one who has no clue what's about to hit him. First shot, and Brady starts running around the room screaming "Don't hurt Owen!" FRANTICALLY. I am not sure if I will ever get that picture out of my mind. Then I start crying while I am trying to hold Owen down. Poor Owen did the best of all three of us and he got the most shots.

Anyway! Long story for a very long day!

We went straight to Sonic for a slushy then went to Lowes to look at the mowers and Brady was instantly better :)

Here are their stats in this stage of the game:

Brady Allen- age 3
35 lbs
40.25 inches tall

Owen Allen- age 1
21.5 lbs
31 inches tall

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Big Boy Soccer Player

Luke is one of the most competitive children I know. Seriously...almost to a fault (we are working on that). So, we decided we needed to get him on a team to channel some of his little competitive spirit in the right direction. After doing some research, we learned that soccer was a really good sport to start kids off with because it develops their hand eye coordination, they get lots of exercise, and of course learn the value of teamwork.

We signed Luke up with the Pearland United Soccer League. He only had two requests...he wanted to be either number 1 or number 5, and he wanted to be on a blue team. I explained to him that we don't get to pick our team color and number, but we would see what we could do. His response... "Mom, I don't want to be any other number besides 1 because 1 comes first (I told you he was competitive) but if I can't be 1 I guess I will be 5 because that's how old I am."

This is him in action! Another thing about Allen boys. They take ANY sport they are playing very seriously. This goes back several generations. So, it was no surprise to me to see Luke out there. It reminded me of his Daddy and uncles.

One last high 5 after his first practice.

From Thursday practice all the way to Saturday morning game time Luke was itching in his britches to get to that field.

Notice what number Luke got... BUT he did get to be on the blue team!

Boy did he hustle out there. He scored 4 goals! Plus, he was awesome on defense. He stopped a ball from going into the other teams goal.

Luke at halftime with Saw & Steph

Luke & Mack make awesome teammates.

Technically, we aren't supposed to be keeping score (silly if you ask us) but it was obvious with or without a scorekeeper that Luke's team won the game!

High 5 to the other team for a great game!

Luke and his sideline fans. Mommy, Daddy, Brady, Owen, Papa (not pictured), Grammy, Yaya, Papi, KayKay, Saw, Steph, and Ms. B. Thanks guys for coming!

For now, our excited soccer player will reflect on the today's game until next Saturday's game ;)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Poor Baby...

Last weekend was a very busy weekend. Caleb and I headed to Waco to watch the Baylor Bears beat TCU. Then came home the next day for Grandma Sue's 81st birthday party. After that, we thought we would continue on with our Labor Day weekend when Sunday morning we discovered Owen's left ear was full of blood! I called our pediatrician and she advised us to head to TX Children's Hospital and get it checked out.
After a long day there, our ENT found an abscess in Owen's ear which needed surgery to be removed right away.
It was a short surgery and we got to come home after Owen came out of recovery. He has been doing much better since and I am sure he feels better with that gone now.
I had my camera in my purse and snapped a few pictures before he went in for surgery.

We spent pretty much the whole day in the hospital. Owen was quite a trooper the whole time. He didn't have his normal freedom to rome, and got poked and x-rayed quite a bit but still handled it like a champ.

The worst part for me was seeing his little arm with an IV :(

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Celebration!

Last weekend we celebrated Owen's first birthday with 17 of our close family members. We decided to have a small dinner party instead of our normal "shindig" because I have always wanted to host this type of party and this seemed like a great time to do it.

We had our friend Ginny Henderson and her family join us for dinner. She captured some great memories for us as well of taking some of the traditional birthday pictures we like to get at each party like this one above.

She got a cute family shot too!

Our sweet birthday boy!

Owen and Grandma Sue are exactly 80 years apart.


Papi stealing a kiss from Owen

The whole group enjoying some of Daddy's famous brisket. Yum!

birds eye view ;)

every once in a while we get a cute picture of me and B-ball.

Owen love his KayKay. Seriously.

Then it was time for some birthday cake!

a good hose bath was then in order

We were so glad Mamaw & Papaw even came!

Owen loved this new airplane from Saw & Steph.

Owen would like to thank Mamaw, Papaw, Yaya, Papi, Saw, Steph, KayKay, Ms.B, Drew, Grandma Sue, Papa, Grammy, Mommy, Daddy, Bubba, B-ball, & the Henderson family for a fun time at his party!