Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hey, Hey, Hey #2...

I ALWAYS wanted a little boy. ALWAYS. I wanted to go to his games and cheer him on and get sweaty hugs, and be his biggest fan and wear his jersey when he gets to high school. All of that boy mom stuff. have to have a boy who actually likes to play a sport to be able to get all of that. Not all boys like sports, in fact, I am not even sure that all three of mine will. There is one things certain though...Luke Allen does ;)

He had his second soccer game this week. He is definitely in his element out there. We aren't quite sure if it's because he's playing soccer or just because he is getting to play anything that involves being on a team. I have a million pictures of him playing- I know. I like to capture his action shots because they show exactly how he feels when he is playing.

Like this...

Woo Hoo! I scored my first goal of the game!

After he scores he gets this little half smile then he's ready to do it again.

I must say the HARDEST part of the game for him is having to take a stupid water break. I know it kills him to have to rotate out and let someone else have a turn.

Put me in coach! I am ready to play. Today!

There goes my #2! Goal!

You see that little blue jersey back there with two fists in the air? That's my #2!

and he hustles the whole game.

Ready for action.

Do not be mistaken. There are some really intense moments too.

Way to play Luke! If you're gonna play, you might as well play hard!

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