Saturday, September 10, 2011

Big Boy Soccer Player

Luke is one of the most competitive children I know. Seriously...almost to a fault (we are working on that). So, we decided we needed to get him on a team to channel some of his little competitive spirit in the right direction. After doing some research, we learned that soccer was a really good sport to start kids off with because it develops their hand eye coordination, they get lots of exercise, and of course learn the value of teamwork.

We signed Luke up with the Pearland United Soccer League. He only had two requests...he wanted to be either number 1 or number 5, and he wanted to be on a blue team. I explained to him that we don't get to pick our team color and number, but we would see what we could do. His response... "Mom, I don't want to be any other number besides 1 because 1 comes first (I told you he was competitive) but if I can't be 1 I guess I will be 5 because that's how old I am."

This is him in action! Another thing about Allen boys. They take ANY sport they are playing very seriously. This goes back several generations. So, it was no surprise to me to see Luke out there. It reminded me of his Daddy and uncles.

One last high 5 after his first practice.

From Thursday practice all the way to Saturday morning game time Luke was itching in his britches to get to that field.

Notice what number Luke got... BUT he did get to be on the blue team!

Boy did he hustle out there. He scored 4 goals! Plus, he was awesome on defense. He stopped a ball from going into the other teams goal.

Luke at halftime with Saw & Steph

Luke & Mack make awesome teammates.

Technically, we aren't supposed to be keeping score (silly if you ask us) but it was obvious with or without a scorekeeper that Luke's team won the game!

High 5 to the other team for a great game!

Luke and his sideline fans. Mommy, Daddy, Brady, Owen, Papa (not pictured), Grammy, Yaya, Papi, KayKay, Saw, Steph, and Ms. B. Thanks guys for coming!

For now, our excited soccer player will reflect on the today's game until next Saturday's game ;)

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