Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Treasures

So...every week when my kids bring home their take home folder from school I get super excited to see what kind of awesome treasures I will find. Handmade art is my all time favorite! As you can imagine, at Christmastime there are lots of really cute things in their folders!

Luke's Handmade Art

An angel made out of a toilet paper roll with coffee filter wings.
I love the added touch of the face he drew along with his favorite colors blue and green on the angel's dress. very lovely!

a tile with a fingerprint wreath with an added bonus of a clothespin on the back so it doubles as an ornament. love it!

wouldn't be Christmas without our yearly photo ornament!

gotta love a gingerbread man with a macaroni smile! preschool at it's best!

a stable made of popsicle sticks with moss as the manger grass. super cute!

Brady's Handmade Art

here is his annual christmas photo magnet.

Rudolf with a glitter nose on a stick so it doubles as a puppet!

Stocking with cotton ball top and glitter toes and heal!
These things are so precious and top any piece of expensive art ANY day in my opinion!

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Jenn Jenn said...

My mom saved my art and its amazing to see now that I am older. I love the tile one and the angel cute!!!!