Monday, December 27, 2010

Allen Family Christmas

Since Noah, Erin, & Cash were in town and needed to get back to Oklahoma before Christmas, we had our Christmas with the whole Allen family on the Tuesday before Christmas. We were thankful to have Mamaw, Papaw, & Cherokee here from Austin too!

As always, we started our gift giving with the reading of the Christmas story. This year Papaw read it to us.

Luke was EXTRA excited about his presents this year. He was bouncing off the walls all night long.

This was Brady's first year to start to understand what Christmas is all about. He was excited about every single gift he got. What a sweetie!

Cash loved to eat the wrapping paper.

Owen's first Christmas!

Taking it all in!

Brady is all about Toy Story this year. He loves anything Toy Story. One of his favorite gifts was his "Jessie". At one point he was jumping up and down saying "i got jessie, i got jessie" So fun!

Our Allen Christmas ended abruptly this year because Luke & Brady found some medicine upstairs and decided to eat it. Thankfully our sweet cousin Cherokee walked in and saw them. After a call to poison control we were advised to take them straight to the emergency room. The whole story will follow in the next post...

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