Thursday, December 16, 2010

Luke's School Christmas Party

Thankfully, Luke and Brady's parties were scheduled an hour apart so I was able to make it to both of them! Mrs. Palm had lots of fun activities planned for the kids in Luke's class. First things first...a fun lunch!

Luke & his friend Logan

The class Christmas tree.

cookie decorating!

cookie eating!


time for ice cream with chocolate syrup because we haven't had enough sweets today :)

A fun game of decorate the Christmas Tree.
Each child was blind-folded , spun around and got to place an ornament on the tree. So fun!

Here's how it turned out...

Madi, Kayla, & Luke

Musical chairs book exchange- so fun!

The kids sang the songs from the Christmas program one more time for us. I cried the ENTIRE time. Something about children singing melts my heart.

Thank you Mrs. Palm for a wonderful party!
This year has been very emotional for me. It is really starting to sink in that my baby (Luke) isn't really a baby anymore. Next year he will go to PUBLIC SCHOOL. Nothing against public school at all- just a lot more serious than the Mother's Day Out I am used to. At his current school he can learn about Jesus, sing songs about Jesus, see pictures of Jesus, etc... and that will no longer be the case. At next year's Christmas party there will be NO "Happy Birthday Jesus" being sung by the kids and that makes me so sad. We will survive, it is just hard at times to think that soon my baby is going to be in the real world and be away from some of the comforts we are used to.
I am going to finish this post with the words from my favorite song I heard Luke's class sing today. It was a very happy and up beat song and the kids loved it. It put a smile on my face and I hope it does the same for you....
"J" is for Jesus and "O" is for others and "Y" is for you, you, you, and, you, and you, and you , and you!!!!!!
Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Jenn Jenn said...

Cute!!!! You have some cute boys1!! what a heritage from the Lord!!!