Monday, December 13, 2010

Luke Michael- A Year in Review

One of the main reasons I blog is so I can print a blog book at the end of every year as a sort of "scrapbook" for our whole family. At the end of every year, I would like to do a "Year in Review" for each of the boys. So...since Luke is the first born, he shall go first!

Luke Michael Allen
Nicknames- "Lukey", "Bubba", "Bub"
Age- 4

When you grow up you want to be- a football player

Your strengths- you are a sweet, caring boy. most of the time you think before you act. you're tenderhearted and you respect your elders.

Your weaknesses- sometimes it is hard for you to be the big brother. seeing all of the attention your younger brothers get makes you want to revert back to their way of behaving. we are working on this though and i think you are starting to realize all of the benefits of being the oldest.

Highlights from this year- your batman birthday party, going to oklahoma for cash's birth, meeting owen for the first time, getting to go to a baylor football game in waco, seeing the pearland oilers in all of their playoff games.

***when i asked you what was your favorite day you have ever had, you said this- "Let me close my eyes and think. My favorite day was getting to meet Owen for the first time"***

Accomplishments from this year- learning to write your name, learning to count, learning to ride your bike, learning to dress yourself every morning (usually in a baylor shirt), learning to put your own shoes on, learning to buckle your seatbelt all by yourself

What is God teaching you?- I see God developing your heart to put others first. He is also working on your patience with your brothers.

Interests and Hobbies- football when it's football season, basketball when it's basketball season, baseball when it's baseball season, games, superheroes, movies, coloring, cutting, & painting

I am so proud of the sweet boy you are. You are honest and sincere and choose to do the right thing most of the time. That is a lot to be said for a child your age these days. I am so glad God chose you to be the oldest. I love how much you adore your daddy and how often you stop to run over and kiss me too.
I love you so much sweet boy,

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