Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Owen- 4 Months

Our sweet little Baby Owen turned four months old on December 31, 2010. He is growing so fast I can hardly believe it!

Aunt Leigh sent this cute elf hat so we had to take a few 4 month pics with it...darling!

One bad thing about turning 4 months old is shots :(
I took Owen last week for his check up and he got 6 shots, which was not fun but he did ok.
Here is his four month old info:
14lbs 6 oz
25.25 inches long
What has he accomplished in the last two months you may ask?

- he can now grab things! (as you can see, that pacifier is still his favorite thing in the world)
- he sleeps all naps and nights in his bed
- he is now a full 4oz bottle drinker...slowly moving to 5 ounces
- almost rolling over
- sitting up with only a little assistance
Happy 4 month birthday our sweet Owen! Mommy, Daddy, and your Bubbas sure do enjoy watching you grow!

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