Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brady- A Year in Review

Brady Charles Allen
Nickname- "B-ball"
Age- 2
When you grow up you might be- something that has to do with motors, you love lawn mowers, blowers, weed eaters, vacuum cleaners. you like to know about how they work too which is cool!
Your strengths- you are mr. personalitly. most people love you at first sight because you are a people person. you love to give hugs & kisses (even to strangers). you are strong willed and seem to be a leader.
Your weaknesses- sometimes you are so strong willed that you don't respect authority.
Highlights from this year- 2nd year of mother's day out, becoming a big brother to owen, 2nd birthday party
Accomplishments from this year- doing better sleeping through the night, really good at doing puzzles, getting better with your coloring, can take off your clothes and learning how to get yourself dressed with help
Interests and Hobbies-

TOY STORY!!! You are really in love with Toy Story movies and characters. You like to have them in your bed when you go to sleep and you enjoy watching the movies as often as we let you. Other interests are mowing, riding your new big wheel, wearing daddy's boots, playing with bubba, playing with ashton from church.
My sweet sweet baby! You love to show you care by hugging & kissing, which makes my day! You have a strong personality and we are working with you on this to use it to be a strength. I love how you are a leader and you have never met a stranger.
This year has brought a lot of changes for you with becoming a big brother. I am so proud of the way you have handled the change so far. You never got angry or jealous and have loved Owen 100% from day one. Even though you can be a little rough with him sometimes, you are learning how to be gentle and I know he knows you love him.
Luke adores you too...even though it may not always seem that way. When you are napping he is always asking when you will be awake and he misses you when you are gone.
Daddy loves when you try to work out with him and do the same workouts in your own way. I love the time we get together when it is just the two of us. You are such a smart boy. I can't wait to see you grow more this year.
love ya,

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