Saturday, April 3, 2010

Twas the night before Easter!

Luke was full of questions tonight about the Easter Bunny...

Mommy, does the Easter Bunny know I like Batman?
- yes Luke, I told him.

Where did you see him mommy?
- at the mall the other day.

How will he get in our house? Nevermind, I will ask Daddy.
-no, I will tell you Luke! (Daddy is not very good at answering these type questions)
-He will come through the back door.

Early in the morning?
-yes! really really early before we wake up.

Why doesn't he come through the same place Santa comes by the stockings?
-because he is different than Santa.

Is he bigger?
-no, he's the same size.

I like the big guy at the football games that looks like the Easter bunny!
-well good! lets go to bed!

Here's what happened after both boys were sound asleep!

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Summer said...

What a sweet conversation!
Happy Easter Allen Family!