Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Student of the Week!

Each week every student in Luke's class gets a turn being Student of the Week. This week, it's Luke's turn! Mrs Alissa sent home a blank page for Luke to color a picture of himself and put it on a poster with information about him. It was a wonderful project!

Above you see Luke standing in his class with his poster on the wall. What a handsome student he is!

This is a close up of the poster.
The questions on the page were:

Name: Luke Michael Allen
Favorite Color: blue & green
Favorite Food: chocolate & sausage
Favorite Game: Batman

On the left side we have
"Things About Me" with a photo for each thing
- I am four years old
- My family
- My Bedroom

On the right side we have
"Things I Enjoy" with a photo for each thing
- Playing Batman
- Going on picnics
- Playing with cars

Luke hand painted the background of his poster with water colors & cut out the colored papers behind his name. After this week is over we will hang his poster on his closet door.
I am very proud of my student of the week!

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Summer said...

That is a wonderful poster Luke! You did a super job!