Sunday, April 11, 2010

Family Fish Fry

We spent most of the day Saturday in Crosby at my Aunt Patsy's house for a family fish fry. Aunt Patsy is my mom's oldest sister. She lives on several acres there so it is the perfect place for the boys to run and play. Luke really enjoyed having room to kick his balls!

Brady enjoyed the fish the most! Every time I saw him he was grabbing another filet of fish.

Mom & the boys! Notice, Brady is still eating fish.

Luke had a chance to take a few pictures on his own. He took the above picture with my camera and did a pretty good job.

The family. There are a few people missing from our whole family, but these were the ones who attended the fish fry.

Brady would NOT get off the "trashtor". He loves any kind of riding toy or anything that makes noise so this was right up his alley.
What a fun day! Thanks for having us out Aunt Patsy, the fish was wonderful!

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Summer said...

Your Aunt has a neat place! I'm sure the kids love it there!