Thursday, April 22, 2010

Luke's 4 Year Checkup

Here's how Luke checked out today at his 4 year old appointment:
Weight: 41 lbs 3.2oz
Height: 41.75 inches
*He is growing just like he should be for his age!
Luke was not all that willing to go to the doctor today. He likes Dr. Decker, just not getting shots, so he was pretty worked up all morning long. On the way to the appointment he said "Mommy, I don't have to get a shot today because I always eat healthy foods, right?"
He did get 4 shots, but was ok after they were over & got to get a toy out of the treasure chest.
I wanted to note a few things about Luke at this stage of his life.
- He is a very caring little boy
- He loves individual time with mom & dad
- His favorite toys are Batman, Superheroes, Cowboys & Indians, Armymen, & Cars
- He loves to ride his scooter outside & play basketball or teeball
- His favorite dinner is sausage, greens, & cowboy beans
- His favorite colors are blue & green
- He loves to cut paper
- He likes to eat lunch outside in his fort
- He looks forward to going to school twice a week
- He likes to watch movies
- He likes to eat snowcones
- He likes to swim
- He loves to drink milk & lots of it
Overall he is a handsome, healthy, happy boy!

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