Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year we changed things up a little from our normal Halloween festivities. In the past we've always had a group of friends over to our house for a Halloween party followed by trick or treating. We noticed last year though that fewer and fewer homes on our streets were passing out candy. So, we decided to hang out with our new friends from Luke's school this year. 
We went to Noah & Sadie's house this time. They are the Soldier and the Hello Kitty in the picture above. They had dinner and trick or treating plus it was early enough to have the kids out,  trick or treated, and finished all before bedtime :)

Brady & Meg!

Mom & my two big boys!
Owen decided at the last minute that he didn't like his costume. As soon as we got it on he kept saying 
" I Stuck!" " I Stuck!". I am translating that as, "this is very uncomfortable mom!" So, Daddy & Owen stayed home while we hung out with our friends and stocked up on candy :)

Trick or Treat!!!!

Some of the kids in our bunch.

Luke & Noah

The Moms!

It was a great night! Brady & Luke are really at the age now where they look forward to Halloween which makes it so much fun for me as well. I think of these as the "good old days" that I will look back on and cherish forever.

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