Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Most Wonderful Words I Have Ever Heard...

As you know, Luke is in Kindergarten this year. It has been a big adjustment for all of us. It's lots of school work, homework, waking up early, learning, learning, & a little more learning. All very good things- just a little different than our "normal" life.

So every day we work on Luke's flashcards. He is learning letters, sounds, and sight words. His teacher sends home a reader every Tuesday which we work on and send back to school on Friday. This is the fourth week she has sent home the reader.

Each day as I am cooking dinner, Luke gets out the reader and we go through it together as I cook. EXCEPT for today... Today he got out the reader and started reading right off the bat. No help from me, just got it out and spouted off the first sentence. This was not a sentence he had even memorized or anything- just a sentence full of sight words and a picture at the end.

"I see my cowboy boots"
I hope I always remember how his sweet little voice sounded the first time he read a sentence. By the way, isn't that a cute first sentence?

I think he could tell how proud I was. All of his hard work is paying off!

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