Saturday, April 16, 2011

Luke's Birthday Week!

He finally made it to the end of his birthday chain! We hung a banner and began Luke's 5th birthday celebration on Monday.

Getting so big!

Luke's main gift request this year was this Ben 10 watch. It's not really a watch, but a toy you wear on your wrist. EE & Nonah were here a few weeks ago and surprised him with an early bday gift!

5 years old

Papa & Grammy came by and took Luke to dinner and birthday shopping to start off his birthday week.

Luke spent his actual birthday on a school field trip. That night we had his birthday dinner of sausage, carrots, & broccoli at home. Before dinner the boys had a water hose fight which was SO much fun.

Then hung out with Dad in the back of the truck.

This year we are trying to help Luke learn that giving is better than receiving. Before he could get any new gifts, he needed to go through all of his toys and choose 10 toys to give to another boy who may not have any toys to play with. Here are the ones he picked.

It was such a fun week. Pictures from his party are soon to come!

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