Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kindergarten Tour

Today we went to Luke's new school for the Kindergarten tour. So far, Luke has been really excited about his new school and hasn't shown any apprehension at all. I hope that continues because I think I am probably nervous enough for both of us ;) One cool thing about the tour today was that we got to meet some other children who will also be new to the school. Carson, who Luke knew from his preschool, was on the tour too. Yay! He already has a friend there! Big boy right out front of the school. One of the first friendly faces we met when we went to register Luke was Mrs. Matusick the librarian. She is the sweetest thing and always makes Luke feel really welcome and special. On the tour today we got to see the following parts of the school: - cafeteria - library - kindergarten classrooms - playground (brand new!) - gym - music room - science room - art room The only thing we didn't see that Luke thought was odd was the chapel... He asked the tour guide where it was. It was pretty funny. The school was really cool! Check out that life size Dr. Seuss picture! There are only two hallways in the whole school. I felt very secure knowing that it was a fairly small place. Another cool thing about Shadycrest Elementary is that they have a brand new gym complete with this huge mascot on the wall. Awesome! Here's the cafeteria. Our tour guide said parents are welcome to come eat lunch anytime!

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Cherokee's Mom said...

I love that he asked to see the chapel! Too cute!!