Monday, February 28, 2011

Owen is 6 Months!

Owen's 6 month birthday would officially be February 31st, but since there is no such day... I guess today would be it because tomorrow is March 1st. So, we celebrated today ;)

These are some more pictures from our photo shoot last week.

So what's new with Owen???

He's been sleeping from 10:00pm to 6:00am.
Which makes me a VERY happy mommy!

He drinks a whole 5 ounces now. AND...he can hold his own bottle!

He is a full time sitter upper too! Getting better and better at it by the day.

He's still chewing on EVERYTHING, but hasn't actually cut any teeth yet. I think they are right there, just sitting and waiting for the perfect day to come through.
Speaking of chewing...he also started eating vegetables. He started with carrots yesterday, then peas today, and probably squash tomorrow. He seems really excited about his new flavors :)

If it is possible for a child this age to have a favorite toy, this is his. He loves this little cowboy. It is just the right flatness to be able to get a good chew on. I wanted to show it's size in comparison to his sweet little foot. Almost exactly the same size.
Yep...he's already half a year old and I don't know where the time has gone. His easy going little personality is really starting to shine. He is pretty much good with anything. He doesn't mind being held, kissed, hugged, carried, rolled, or anything else by his two big brothers. (and believe me he gets plenty of all that) He giggles when you play peek a boo with him, and has a ticklish spot right on his neck. He is hungry every three hours on the money, but after a nice bottle he is happy again until nap time.
He still uses rolling as his main form of transportation, but I think he is gearing up to crawl. He picks his knees up and is learning the crawling position.
Happy 6 month Birthday! We love you so much!

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