Saturday, January 26, 2013

Christmas Season

At this point I am so far behind on my posts, that I think its best for me to just load a bunch of pictures from Christmas and give a brief  description of each. So here goes...

Caleb, Luke, & Brady went to a Father/Son Baylor game. Fun times were had by all! 
Tradition in the making.

12 Days of Christmas
On the first day...

Brady in his cute 12 days of Christmas shirt. He's going through a phase where he only wants to wear dry fit shirts. So picky :)

Train 'em young- raise 'em right.

Making Christmas cookies with the boys.

Gingerbread man pancakes on the first day off for Christmas break.

We shopped for some boys who were less fortunate and got them some things they can enjoy for Christmas.

Christmas fridge art- melts my heart :)

Having hot chocolate in their Santa mugs.

Silly Jolly the Elf!

Santa came to Shadycrest!

Ninja Jolly

All I Want for Christmas is You :)

Could he be any cuter???

Tacky sweater contest at Grandma Sue's house. We won!!

I mean... seriously? Love him to pieces!

Cookies & Milk for Santa

Santa hooked us up!!! The boys got new bikes!

Skating rink on the last day of Christmas Break.

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