Saturday, December 3, 2011

A New Christmas Visitor

We had a slight hiccup as I was unpacking our Christmas decorations this year. Luke saw our normal Elf on the Shelf "Trudy" in one of the boxes that came out of the attic. He was pretty confused because all along he has thought that Trudy flew in from the N. Pole each year so seeing him in a box.... well shoot!
This was gonna take a little quick thinking on my part to redeem this situation. I was not gonna let our Elf tradition go down in flames this soon in the me ;)

So, I decided to bring a new Elf into the mix and hears how I pulled it off:

Friday morning, the kids woke up to this new guy!

He left this note- introducing himself and saying that he was filling in this year for Trudy who had the year off. Luke totally bought it and we are back in the game :)

Jolly, our new elf, brought some powdered donuts which were a HUGE hit. I don't think my kids have ever had these before, so they really believed that they came from the N. Pole :)

(I know...the lies keep growing, but you should see the excitement on their faces- totally worth it)

Owen is in his pointing phase as you can see. Even he can't believe that we have a new Elf this year....totally cool!

Luke wrote Jolly a thank you note and couldn't wait to see what he would be up to tomorrow...