Saturday, November 27, 2010

one more Santa picture...

Somehow, this picture got left off the last post.
Sweet cousins with Santa.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I was so excited the week before Thanksgiving when Brady brought home a turkey hand plate he had made at school just like the one Luke had made for me when he was Brady's age. These kinds of things make my heart smile!

We celebrated at Mamaw & Papaw's house this year. We always look forward to spending time there with our family. So many laughs are laughed and memories are made each time we are together.

The night before Thanksgiving we all went to Caleb's Aunt Stacey & Uncle KC's house for chili. Yummy! The above is a picture of almost our entire family. Just a few people could not join us.

Mommy & Owen before lunch.

Cash and Owen on their First Thanksgiving.

Aunt Kate & the boys

Papaw took the kids on a tractor ride. So fun!

As times had by all on the tire swing!
This year was extra fun because we had a surprise visit from someone special...


Look at my big boy! I was surprised at how brave he was with Santa. He jumped right on his lap and told him exactly what he wanted for Christmas.

Brady liked his visit with Santa too and was extra excited about the candy cane he gave him.

and Owen... Well, he had fun too!

Mamaw & Papaw with the kiddos and Santa.
So fun!
God has blessed us with so much this year and we truly do have a lot to be thankful for.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys...

Owen's Two Month Check-up

We finally made it to Owen's two month check-up. He was exactly 11 weeks old on the day of his appointment.

Owen enjoyed a nice nap while we were waiting for Dr. Gray to come in.

Dr. Gray listened to Owen's lungs to make sure they sounded clear because he has had a lot of drainage and has been really stopped up lately. He checked out just fine though!
After that... the dreaded shots!

After one oral and four shots in the leg- Owen was finally finished. Surprisingly, he didn't even cry much afterwards.

Ready to get home!
Here are his stats:
24.5 inches long
12 lbs 13 oz

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast- Luke

Luke's last Thanksgiving Feast at In His Steps Preschool was today. Boy oh boy was I sad! My baby is growing up so fast and I can't get ahold of myself. I can still remember his first Feast there when he was only a year and a half old. My how time flies.

His sweet placemat. We have one for every single year he has been there.

His special guests... Papi & Papa.
I love the fact that he picked these two to be his guests. Thankfully, mommy was helping put on the Feast so I could go too ;)

On the menu:
Chicken Strips
Corn on the cob
French Fries

Madi, Luke, Mrs. Palm, & Skylar

Luke's Leafman.
The First Thanksgiving Feast According to Luke Allen- age 4
"The grims come to America where we live & they landed on a place & they saw the Indians & the Indians showed them how to eat stuff, & grow stuff, & make stuff, & now the have a feast. The End"

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Game Day

Caleb, Luke, and I traveled to Waco on Saturday to see the Baylor Bears vs A&M Aggies. Luke had been looking forward to this day for weeks! He has been to a Baylor football game, but never a home game so he was excited to finally get to see all of the cool things Baylor has to offer.
First things first... gotta see the mascots. Judge Joy & Judge Lady! In the picture above they are snuggled up behind Luke.

We walked around the campus a little, showed Luke Caleb's old dorms, went to the bookstore to stock up on shirts then headed to Floyd Casey Stadium to tailgate.

The night before we left Pearland, Luke asked if we could paint his face for the game. I guess he sees the people on TV doing it, so he wanted to be able to do it too. Why not? We got him that cool bear paw at the bookstore.

Luke's Best Bear Face!

March of the Bears is a new tradition we had not ever been able to be a part of. A few hours before each home game. The fans line up to cheer for the football players as they arrive to the stadium. Luke got to high five all of his favorite Baylor Bears! So cool!

As much as Luke enjoyed seeing the real mascots, he wanted to see Bruiser more. Thankfully he was hanging out at the tailgate shooting all of the Aggies with a water gun so we snatched him for a quick picture.

What? A Baylor Football Helmet bouncy????? NO WAY!

So much fun for this little guy!

He even got to meet some cheerleaders! Super cool!

When Caleb and I lived in Waco we met this awesome couple Nicki & Brent who have remained our close friends. We met them out at the tailgate and their son Tristan hit it off with Luke so they played together the whole time.

Mommies with the boys!

Another new tradition is that the Baylor Line forms a line for the players to run out onto the field through. Love it!

Even though the Bears lost the game all three of us had a great time. It was so much fun to see Luke get to experience his first Baylor home game. He loves the Baylor Bears and was just as excited about being there as we were. It was also fun to get to spend some one on one time with our big boy!
Sic 'Em Bears!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Headed to Waco this weekend!

But leaving these two precious faces behind.

The Baylor football team has been doing really well this season. We try to go to at least one game a year regardless of how they are playing, so this years game against A&M should be really fun to go to. Luke is at the age where he can appreciate going now, so we are taking him to his first Baylor Bear football game!!! I am also excited to show him around campus while we are there. Hopefully Judge Joy, the mascot, will be out so he can see her up close.
Looking forward to a fun weekend with our sweet boy Luke.
Brady and Owen will be at home with the grandparents. There turn to go to Waco will be here before we know it...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mamaw & Papaw's House

We spent part of last weekend at Caleb's grandparents house. They live in a town called Leander right outside of Austin. Our family really enjoys the time we get to spend at their house.

From the time we pull up to the time we leave, Luke spends the majority of his time outside. They have lots of land around their house, so he enjoys exploring and seeing all he can see. Plus, there is nothing like jumping on the trampoline in your pj's!

Or, riding the tire swing in your pj's!

Brady has a blast too. He loves this little bike and there is a huge area for him to ride on so he feels so free!

The people on the property next door have horses, so we always have to feed them while we are there.

Who doesn't enjoy a morning nap in a wheelbarrow?

One of mommy's favorite things about Mamaw & Papaw's is all of the cool photo ops!