Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Advent Calendar

Until this year, the boys have been a little young to understand anything like an advent calendar so we've always just used a paper chain to count down the days. I think they are finally at ages now (at least Luke & Brady are) that they can understand what's going on with our countdown. So, I made this little advent calendar with pockets to pull out a daily activity that has to do with Christmas.

Some days have a joke in them, others have a Bible verse or a way to serve someone else. So far, the boys have had a blast with it. 

Day Three: the boys were to write a letter to Santa- because after all, Santa really needs to get busy shopping ;)
Owen did a wonderful job on his!

Brady told Santa he wanted a new weed eater & blower.

Luke wants a green ninja from Santa this year.

So, as you can see...those are all doable!

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