Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Reptile Show

The students who sold 8 items or more in the school fundraiser were invited to attend a Reptile Show this week. Luke and a few of his friends were able to attend and thought it was soooo cool!

The principal, counselor, and assistant principal had a huge snake around their necks. YUCK!

Brady & Owen were able to attend too and loved seeing all of the cool reptiles.
At one point in the presentation, Luke was called up to the front to pet this big iguana. He was a little nervous, but he did it!

Owen was brave enough to pet an alligator!

What a fun time we had learning about some cool reptile and seeing them up close.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Bears vs. Sooners

We have a tradition to attend the Baylor/OU game every year with our Allen side of the family. This year, the game was in Oklahoma so we traveled up to see EE, Nonah, & Cash with Saw & Steph.
Mom, Luke, Dad, & Brady at the game. A little green & gold in a sea of crimson :)

Brady always finds a way to bump into a cheerleader.

Uncle Nonah was able to get sideline passes onto the field with Luke. They got to experience all of the touchdowns up close! I hope he never forgets! while on the field they saw Bruiser. Sic 'Em Bears!

Luke & Uncle Nonah had a bet that if the Sooners won Luke would have to wear an OU shirt for a day and  if the Bears won Nonah would wear a Baylor shirt for a day. Well, the Sooners won by 8 points so Luke has to keep his end of the bet. It was a very fun game though.

Luke, Brady, & Cash with Boomer & Sooner- the OU mascots.

What a great weekend!

Owl Artwork

Each year the Shadycrest Yearbook asks the kids to submit their best Owl Artwork for the yearbook. Luke always does such a great job on his. I love seeing how his owl has changed since last year. So Cute!

Watch Dog In The House

Shadycrest Elementary has a really awesome program called Watch Dogs. It stands for Dads of Great Students. In this program, dads take off a day of work to spend at the school helping out. They do announcements, float from class to class, PE, specials, lunch, etc just hanging out and helping. The kids LOVE it. Last Friday was Caleb's day and Luke couldn't wait to have his dad at the school all day.
Before they left for school!

Brady & I headed up to the school to have lunch with Daddy & Luke. Brady got his own lunch tray like the big kids and practiced what it will be like when he gets to go to school there. He is excited!

Luke & his friend Noah. Sweet boys!

Our family at lunch. Owen was with Uncle Saw while we went.