Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday Lunch on Stage

At the end of every month Luke's school celebrates all of the birthdays for that month by allowing the birthday kids to eat lunch on stage. Since Luke is an April birthday, his birthday lunch was scheduled for last Friday. Owen & I joined him on stage!
 Luke was pretty excited about getting to celebrate again!
 Two other boys in Mrs. Soders class also have April birthday. Malachi's is on the 12th- Luke's is on the 13th- Elijah's is on the 14th. Fun times!
Owen felt like a big boy that day being able to see all of Luke's school friends :)

A Camping We Will Go...

This weekend we took a camping trip to Bastrop State Park with two other families. We had 6 adults and 7 kids total. The kids played hard from sun up to sun down and had so much fun!
As you can see, Brady was no stranger to dirt.
 Kristen & I before Christy and her family arrived.
 All of the kids ready to head to the lake to fish.
 We had to make a trip to Walmart and decided it would be fun to wear matching shirts. We're cool like that :)
I know this little boy was is Heaven!
 Throwing rocks into the lake.
 Luke & Madi.
 Daddy & the boys heading out on the lake to fish.
 Brady had almost as much fun playing with the worms as he did fishing.
Saturday night our dear friend Mason & his girlfriend came to visit. Caleb & I have known Mason since 2nd  grade. It was so good to see him and meet Ashley.
 The boys played hard and slept hard :)
 Our family- well, minus Owen. He gets to come next time ;)
 Every morning the guys made awesome breakfast for us.
The whole group!

What an amazing time we had. The weather was perfect and the park was beautiful which made for a great camping experience. There is one thing I learned about camping- it is so much fun to go camping and almost as much fun to pack up and get back home!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle...

Luke has his first loose tooth so it is wiggle city around here :)
I will keep you posted...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Party Time

 The day Luke had been waiting for had finally come! It was time for his Star Wars birthday party! However, he wasn't near as excited as I was because I knew a little more about the party than he did...
 He knew about the Star Wars theme- just as he had requested.
 He knew that everyone would get a pool noodle light saber as their party favor.

 He helped with some of the food items.

 And he knew how the decorations turned out at the end.
 BUT!!!!! He didn't know we had hired a Jedi & Darth Vader to come do a little Jedi Training Session :)
 Boy Oh Boy! One on one training from a real Jedi!
 The kids sat in awe and watched and listened to every word. There were challenges and battles for the kids. Luke even turned water into ice with his special Jedi powers.
 At the end Luke had his final Jedi test. He had to fight Darth Vader. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he knew this would be quite a challenge, but he pulled it off and defeated Darth!
 Once his final task was completed he was awarded a special Jedi Light Saber.
 Luke and his friends with the Jedi & Darth.

 Our family Star Wars picture.
 Then time for cupcakes!

 Then presents!
Luke D, Luke A, and Brendan with their light sabers.

Happy Birthday Luke! I hope you will remember your Jedi Training for years to come!

A Special Surprise!

 Every Saturday during soccer season we can almost bet that Yaya, Papi, Saw, Steph, Ms. B, Grammy, Papa, and KK (if she's in town) will be at Luke's soccer game. We have a very supportive family that loves to see our little soccer star play some soccer.
 Madi and Luke are great teammates!
 Luke & Saw
But...this week, we had some really extra special guests at Luke's soccer game. Mamaw & Papaw woke up extra early and drove in for Luke's game on Saturday morning. He had been hoping they would come and they did! It was quite an honor to have them at his game.

Thank you Mamaw & Papaw for coming!

Date Night

This weekend we celebrated the end of a very busy tax season with a nice dinner out to one of our favorite restaurants. We went with our friends Josh & Kristen who were celebrating their anniversary. We had a wonderful time and look forward to another special occasion when we can go out again to Killens.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Luke Michael Allen- Age 6

Dear Luke,

Your 6th birthday is finally here. The day you have been waiting for since your 5th birthday! Birthdays are so exciting for you at this age which makes it super exciting for me.

What a year of growth this has been for you. First you started off your first sports team, soccer. Then new school, new teacher, new friends, new schedule and you have aced them all buddy! You have handled all of these changes like a champ (much better then me- I have been a wreck all year). You have always been such a sweet, obedient, caring, and trustworthy boy but this year you have proven all of those things to be true by your actions. Daddy & I could not be any more proud of the young man you are growing into.

Keep doing what you're doing and doing it well and you will go places you never dreamed. Keep working hard and never quit just like you do now. Keep learning and getting better. Keep listening and following directions as you do so well. Keep setting an example to your brothers. You're on a great path and I hope you stay focused on that path.

I know this next year is going to be a great one too! I love you so much and am so incredibly thankful to God for you. I couldn't have asked for anything more.



Shadycrest Carnival!

Yay!!! Luke's school carnival was this Saturday and boy oh boy was it fun! This is actually our first school carnival to ever attend. Since I work with the PTA, I knew some of the things that would be there and worked to help get it set up, but I really didn't know what to expect.

First stop, cotton candy. I usually try to stay clear of candy and stuff like this, but carnival day is an exception. So, I think the boys truly were in Heaven.

Right after we got there, Madi & Abi got there just in time for a train ride.

then, face painting. Star Wars characters- I will be glad when this phase is over- don't tell the boys I said that though.

We even had a real life Angry Birds game. This was what Luke had been waiting for! He did good too!

Bungee Trampoline

Fishing Game for my little fisherman Brady.
and lots of other fun things.

The carnival was a huge success! We look forward to many many more school carnivals!