Monday, September 27, 2010

Baby Brother is 4 Weeks!

Latest stats...
8lbs 4oz
eating 4-5 ounces at most feedings
still wearing NB clothes
went to the park for the first time on 9/27/2010!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Little, Middle, Big

Owen- 3 1/2 weeks

Brady- 2 years

Luke- 4 years


Just a few pics I took today...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cute Kid Quote...

"Mommy, tomorrow I am going to teach Owen how to smile"

The Middle Man

For the past three weeks, Brady has been adjusting to his new role in our family. He has had so many changes... no more being the "baby", he is in his "terrible two's", he is in a new class at school, & he is now a BIG brother. Overall he has done as expected with all of these changes. There have been a few rough moments for him, but he is getting better and better every day.
He loves our new baby and can't seem to ever give him enough kisses.
He is definitely the most affectionate member of our family. What a sweet sweet boy he is! He hardly lets any time go by without telling us he loves us or kissing us right on the lips. It's not just with us though- he is also this affectionate with our friends and even his new teachers.

I am really starting to see the boys different personalities and it is so cool! Some areas are Luke's strong points and Brady's weak points and visa versa. I am excited to see what Owen's personality will be like and how he will fit into our family. Thank you God for our growing family!

Owen has a Bellybutton!!!

Finally his umbilical cord fell off today!

Since his umbilical cord fell off today Owen was able to take a REAL bath tonight! He is so tired of sponge baths lately, so he was so glad to be able to soak in the tub!

Sidenote: Today Owen had a brief appointment at the doctor's office in which he weighed 8 lbs 4oz. He gained almost a whole pound in a week!

Newborn Photo Shoot

When Owen was 9 days old, we did his Newborn Photo Shoot with our sweet photographer Katie Little She was so patient with us and did a wonderful job on all of the pictures.
This one is my favorite brother picture of ALL time!

New Family Picture! If you look closely you can see little Owen!

And more newborn pictures...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Owen's Birth Announcement

Owen Three Weeks

Owen is three weeks!
As of his last weight check, he weighed 7lbs 7.5oz. They didn't check his length, but I can really tell he is getting taller too.
He still sleeps most of the time, but has started to wake up a little more during the day. Other than when he is hungry or tired, he doesn't cry much and tolerates his brothers really well. They are constantly wanting to hold, kiss, hug, & be right in his face. He doesn't seem to mind for the most part.
He loves sitting in his Boppy when he is awake & sleeps most naps in the living room in his Moses basket. He likes to be swaddled at night and sleeps best on his left side.
We are all really enjoying getting to know our sweet little boy!

Almost There!

Luke has struggled ALL summer long with the letter "K". We worked and worked and worked on it, but still couldn't get it. At the beginning of the school year I told his teacher that it was a struggle for him & she assured me that it was going to be fine and she would help him get it down.
Brady got this cool AquaDoodle for his birthday and both him and Luke have really enjoyed playing with it. The other day Luke ran in and said "Look Mommy! I can write my number "K"!
I was so proud- he is ALMOST THERE!

Luke's Rock Family he made at school.
(From Left to Right)
Daddy, Mommy, Luke, Brady, & Owen.
Love it!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sip & See

Yesterday my sweet friends Amy & Kristen hosted a Sip & See for Owen. They really outdid themselves- everything was absolutely perfect and could not have been any better!

Me & Owen with Amy & Kristen. Thanks so much girls!

The food table was beautiful! The table runners are made from the same fabric in Owen's bedding- notice the monogram...details, details, details! Not to mention the food was AMAZING!

The guest tables were also decorated beautifully!

More details- LOVE IT!

Owen's room has this same argyle and vintage toys. There are four airplanes hanging above his bed. I love how they included that on the cake. The cake tasted heavenly!

The girls even had personalized water bottles.

Grandma Kay was one of the guests who came. She hadn't met Owen yet, so I am so glad she was able to make it.

Owen got some really cute gifts too!

Mommy & Owen.
Thanks again for all of your hard work Amy & Kristen! You guys made us feel so loved and special. Also, thank you for my sweet friends and family who came to celebrate with us. What a special day for both of us.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

School Spirit Day

Luke & Brady's school has monthly Spirit Days in which everyone wears their school shirt & they get to eat Chick Fil A for lunch. Today was the first one for this school year. Both boys were really excited about it!

Meanwhile, at home, Owen enjoyed a visit with Uncle Nonah who was in town on business.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Busy Weekend!

This weekend Mamaw & Papaw came in town to meet Owen for the first time! We were all so excited to get to visit with them. Brady & Luke didn't want to leave them Sunday night when it was time to go home.

On Sunday we watched the Texans game with Mamaw, Papaw, Yaya, Papi, Aunt Kay Kay, & Biboo. Yay Texans- they beat the Colts!!!
Look how handsome all four of my boys look in their Texan gear!

Biboo held Owen most of the time! It was so sweet to hear the things she would say to him when she thought nobody was listening. He slept so peaceful in her arms.

We can't be over at Yaya & Papi's all weekend long without swimming and playing in the sandbox. Brady made a choo choo train out of sand!

Owen even got to meet Uncle Nonah for the first time this weekend. He is here for the week on business, so EE & Cash were not with him. We can't wait for them to be here in two weeks so Owen and Cash can finally meet. They are only six weeks apart in age & look forward to playing together really soon.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sleepy Baby

Got Milk?

his favorite spot to sleep is still right next to Bubba though!

Preschool So Far...

Luke is loving his Preschool class! His teacher is amazing & he has already learned so much. This year, he will have monthly family projects in which the whole family has to get involed to complete an assignment. This month's family project was this family tree. Each family member was to draw a picture of something they like & color an apple to put on the tree. Here's how our's turned out.

Here's what Luke's school days are like...

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Rough Day for Owen

September 8, 2010 was not exactly the best day of Owen's life so far. We had to take him in for his circumcision with Dr. Morales who is the doctor that delivered him. She did it in her office & overall it went as good as it could have. It was pretty rough for Mommy, but Owen did okay. The good thing is- IT'S DONE!

Owen with Dr. Morales.

Relieved that is over!

Luke is always really good at comforting Owen. He is so sweet with him. Owen loves him just as much.
Brady is also good, just doesn't always know his own strength & can be a little rough at times. We are working on that though.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Owen's Birth Certificate

"Direct my footsteps according to your word. Let no sin rule over me."
- Psalms 119:133