Sunday, August 29, 2010

Big Brother Weekend

This weekend we celebrated Big Brother Weekend since the boys will both soon be big brothers.
The weekend started off Friday night. We took Luke, by himself, to the first Pearland Oiler football game. He was so excited to have some alone time with Mommy & Daddy and he had a blast at the game.

Luke & his cousin Kennedy cheering for the Oilers!

Mommy, Luke, & Daddy after the game. The Oilers won!!!

Saturday we took the boys to Galveston to eat dinner and go to Rainforest Cafe for dessert.

Luke & Daddy making silly faces at the table.

Brady sporting his Big Brother shirt. This is his first time to actually get to wear a Big Brother shirt. You can tell he is super excited!

Both boys LOVED Rainforest Cafe'

The whole family- the weekend before Owen joins us.

Sunday we went to ChuckECheese for our friends Peyton's birthday party. The boys have been wanting to go there for a long time, so I was glad we could include this on our weekend fun.

Brady loved ALL of the rides!

Luke liked playing the games and he got lots of tickets in the end.

Brady & Ashton went up and met the real ChuckE. They were so brave!

What a fun weekend we got to spend together as a family celebrating the two best big brothers ever! My prayer for them is that both adjust well to the big change they are about to experience. I love you guys SO much!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Homework Assignment

Luke has completed his first week of preschool! He did great all week long. Since he isn't used to going 4 days a week he has been a little bit more tired, but has adjusted well overall.
Today in his take home folder he had a homework assignment to be completed and returned to class on Monday. Next week the class will be taking time to learn about their classmates. Each student was asked to color and answer the questions on the above paper. They also had to attach a picture for the class to see.

Also inside the take home folder was this little treat for Mommy! I love it. It is his hand prints on the first day of preschool!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brady's Two Year Checkup

Brady had his two year old checkup today with Dr. Decker. He checked out well and only had to get one shot. He did good and only shed a few tears.

Here are his current stats:
Weight: 3o lbs. 9.6oz
Height: 36 inches

weight: 79%
height: 93%
bmi: 37%

Other than his growth, his social development is also on track. He is putting small sentences together and learning to communitcate just as he should.

Yay B-ball!!!
***he looks forward to becoming a BIG BROTHER next week***

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brady's First Day- MDO 2

Brady had his first day at Mother's Day Out today! He has been really excited about going every since yesterday when Luke got to go.

Last night Luke gave Brady a very important word of advice as we were eating dinner. "Don't forget to say your blessings tomorrow at school Brady" Very sweet!

Getting ready to walk out the door!

Right outside the playground in front of school.

Brady felt like a big boy today since he was finally able to carry his backpack just like Bubba!

When we got to Brady's class this morning, we realized that he had been put in the wrong class. After a few minutes we got him switched to a different class. He ended up getting the same teacher Luke had when he was two. Mrs. Kim & Mrs. Ana team teach his class which will be wonderful to have two teachers!

Brady walked right in and started playing right away!

Mrs. Kim, Brady, & Mrs. Ana
At pick-up Brady's teachers said he had a great day. He struggled a little bit with nap since this was his first time to use his napmat, but he will adjust to that. He never even cried! Mommy is so happy to have my boys in good classes with wonderful teacher! I think it will be a great year!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Very Tired Preschooler!

After his first day back to school today, Luke came home and fell asleep on the couch while playing with his new dinosaurs. Keep in mind, he is my non-napper!

While he was asleep- all of the dinosaurs started climbing all over him. One even got on top of his head! Anyway- he thought it was funny when he finally woke up!

Luke's First Day of PreK-4

( prepared for picture overload. I got a picture of EVERYTHING)

Today was Luke's first day of Pre-K 4. This year he will go to school 4 days a week instead of 2 like he is used to in Mother's Day Out. He was really excited though and fine with the idea of being there every day but Friday.

Luke's morning started off with some special Back to School muffins! Yum Yum!

Brady doesn't start school until tomorrow, but he still got to enjoy a Back to School muffin too.

Luke's first day of Pre-K card from mom & dad.

Muffins with really cool Back to School picks in them.

About to walk out the door!

Some muffins for Mrs. Palm. Can't forget these!

Out in front of the playground for our annual Back to School picture with Madi & Abi! This will be their last year to all be at the same school.

As we got to Luke's new classroom Luke discovered that his classroom walls were painted green! One of his two favorite colors!

Luke & his teacher Mrs. Palm. She greeted every student at the door, then helped each one find a friend to sit with at the table. I think it is going to be a great year with her!

A Few Shots of the Classroom

At pick up Mrs. Palm said Luke had a great first day! There are 10 boys and 4 girls in his class so he has lots of friends to play & learn with. We are excited for a very fun year!

A special first day of school treat waiting for Luke when he got home. I am so proud of my little Preschooler!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our little B-ball

Ok- this is it. I promise. There were just a few more cute pictures I had to post of my Brady. He only has a week and a half left to be the "baby" of the family, so I am trying to give him as much attention as possible before he swiftly gets moved to another role in our family.
Brady & his cousin Karly. Isn't this adorable? How often do you get this cute of a picture of 2 two year olds???

I will cherish this picture forever.

Two weeks ago while Luke was in Summer Camp at his school. Brady & I had a little extra one on one time. Just in time for his birthday! We did some fun things and one of them included going swimming!

Brady and the yellow goggles again! These aren't even ours. They belong to a friend of ours, but he LOVES to wear them.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Brady Turned Two Today!

And boy was it a busy day!

Birthday Breakfast

Yummy yogurt juice while he waited for his blueberry muffins.

Make a wish!

Then off to lunch at ChickFilA

Today was Brady's cousin Maddie's birthday party at ChickFila. She turned one. Happy Birthday Maddie!

Brady's favorite lunch! Chicken nuggets and fruit with milk. Yum Yum!

A quick hello from the ChickFila cow from a distance.

Then home to help daddy with Brady's favorite pastime. Mowing!

Grandma Sue's 80th Birthday Celebration

Our family.

Mom & Dad. Mommy is 37 weeks along with Owen.

Mommy & Grammy

Brady taking an important birthday call...

Happy to share his food with Grandma Sue.

Cousin Picture! Aren't they all so cute! In age order. Maddie, Brady, Karly, Luke, Kennedy.

Luke & Kennedy

Aunt Lindsey with the Birthday Boy

Grandma Sue with Karly & Luke

Can't have a birthday without the cake. Yummy!

Mommy & Luke

Brady finished off his birthday with a swim!
Happy Birthday to our sweet boy. We love you so much and are so proud of the sweet little boy you have become!