Monday, April 26, 2010

Time to Splash!

I have decided that our best summer investment is this little $10 Walmart slash pool we got this year. We bought it to use for Luke's sand party with the intentions of being able to use it later for swimming. Today we got it out and the boys had a blast!
We can't wait for summer to be here!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spaghetti Dinner & Art Show

Tonight was a fundraiser Spaghetti Dinner & Art Show at Luke & Brady's preschool.
Each student had their art displayed for the parents to bid on to purchase. Their was also a silent auction and spaghetti dinner. It was a lot of fun & a very creative way to raise money for the school.

This is Luke's footprint made into a chick.

Here is Luke & his friend Madi standing in front of their classes' artwork.

Here is Brady's classes' artwork.
Brady stayed home with daddy tonight instead of coming to the art show.

Here is Brady's art. It is a glittery butterfly.

Luke & Madi with their teacher Mrs. Alissa.

Luke enjoying his spaghetti dinner & blue jello!

Rodeo Day

Last week the boys had Rodeo Day at school. They both got all decked out in their rodeo attire & headed to school for a fun day! This is them outside the school before they went in.

Luke's 4 Year Checkup

Here's how Luke checked out today at his 4 year old appointment:
Weight: 41 lbs 3.2oz
Height: 41.75 inches
*He is growing just like he should be for his age!
Luke was not all that willing to go to the doctor today. He likes Dr. Decker, just not getting shots, so he was pretty worked up all morning long. On the way to the appointment he said "Mommy, I don't have to get a shot today because I always eat healthy foods, right?"
He did get 4 shots, but was ok after they were over & got to get a toy out of the treasure chest.
I wanted to note a few things about Luke at this stage of his life.
- He is a very caring little boy
- He loves individual time with mom & dad
- His favorite toys are Batman, Superheroes, Cowboys & Indians, Armymen, & Cars
- He loves to ride his scooter outside & play basketball or teeball
- His favorite dinner is sausage, greens, & cowboy beans
- His favorite colors are blue & green
- He loves to cut paper
- He likes to eat lunch outside in his fort
- He looks forward to going to school twice a week
- He likes to watch movies
- He likes to eat snowcones
- He likes to swim
- He loves to drink milk & lots of it
Overall he is a handsome, healthy, happy boy!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Time to Party!

As you can see, Luke had a Batman Birthday Party this year. At this point of his life he would not have picked ANYTHING else!

Mom, Luke, & Daddy before his guests arrived.

The Birthday Boy!

The food table.

Marshmellow pops. They were cute, but not as good as they looked in my opinion.

Cupcakes made by our talented cake lady Joy.

Popcorn cones.

Party favors.
For the party, we filled up 5 sand boxes and let the kids play in the sand. I think all of them really enjoyed getting dirty! So, for their favors we gave them a personalized bucket and shovel.

The family on party day! Mom had to join in on the superhero attire.

Dad & Brady!

Luke, Asher, Ava, Scarlett, & Peyton

GG Sue & Biboo enjoyed the Batman party too!

Scarlett, Ava, Madi, & Luke playing in the sand.

Papi & Papa

Some of the dads.
Dan, Josh, Dean, Caleb, & Jeremy.

Party people!
Abi, Asher, Ava, Scarlett, Grey, Lily, Chloe, Kaitlyn, Alex, Brady, Karly, Madi, Luke, Kennedy, & Joleigh

Brady LOVED the rice crispies. We lost count on how many he ate.

Grey & Luke

Having fun!

Cupcake time!
Happy Birthday to Luke!!

Brady just licked the icing.

Present time!
All of the kids enjoyed watching Luke open.

Dad & Luke

Mom & Luke

A VERY tired Birthday Boy!
Thank you to all of our friends who came to celebrate Luke's 4th Birthday!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Birthday Fun!

After our family birthday breakfast, we headed off to meet some friends at the zoo. Luke was given the option to do whatever he wanted today and he picked the zoo!

Left to right: Ford, Noah, Brady, Luke, & Lily.

Thanks to our sweet friends for speding the day with us! We had lots of fun!

Luke & Lily have been friends since both of them were born. They are 3 1/2 weeks apart in age.

Mom & the boys. Luke's new favorite pose for pictures is with his arms up for some reason. He does this in almost every picture. Silly boy!

Luke enjoyed the carousel!

Lily, Luke & Brady.

Of all of the cool zoo animals to ride on Brady chose the dog. He absolutely LOVES dogs.

After the zoo, we came home and made cupcakes for Luke to take to school tomorrow. Chocolate with white icing and blue & green sprinkles. Birthday Boys Choice!

When the cupcakes were finished Madi, Abi, Grey, & Joleigh came over to enjoy them. We decided to eat them in the fort which is one of Luke's favorite places to eat.

Brady got the most dirty of all of the kids. Joleigh couldn't understand why he could not be more clean than that...

After our friends left, Luke & Brady headed to Grammy & Papa's house for birthday dinner. Luke chose PIZZA!!!!

Happy 4th Birthday Luke!

Today my sweet boy is four years old!
We had a special birthday breakfast with Luke before we headed off to the zoo. The whole day was jam packed with tons of birthday fun!

Luke's favorite thing about the morning was waking up to his birthday decorations. He was so excited to see the streamers and birthday sign and couldn't believe it was for him. He asked if we could leave it up for a long time!
More picture to follow from our busy day, but for now we are exhausted!

Happy Birthday Luke! We love you so much and you are an absolute blessing to all of us!

Student of the Week!

Each week every student in Luke's class gets a turn being Student of the Week. This week, it's Luke's turn! Mrs Alissa sent home a blank page for Luke to color a picture of himself and put it on a poster with information about him. It was a wonderful project!

Above you see Luke standing in his class with his poster on the wall. What a handsome student he is!

This is a close up of the poster.
The questions on the page were:

Name: Luke Michael Allen
Favorite Color: blue & green
Favorite Food: chocolate & sausage
Favorite Game: Batman

On the left side we have
"Things About Me" with a photo for each thing
- I am four years old
- My family
- My Bedroom

On the right side we have
"Things I Enjoy" with a photo for each thing
- Playing Batman
- Going on picnics
- Playing with cars

Luke hand painted the background of his poster with water colors & cut out the colored papers behind his name. After this week is over we will hang his poster on his closet door.
I am very proud of my student of the week!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Family Fish Fry

We spent most of the day Saturday in Crosby at my Aunt Patsy's house for a family fish fry. Aunt Patsy is my mom's oldest sister. She lives on several acres there so it is the perfect place for the boys to run and play. Luke really enjoyed having room to kick his balls!

Brady enjoyed the fish the most! Every time I saw him he was grabbing another filet of fish.

Mom & the boys! Notice, Brady is still eating fish.

Luke had a chance to take a few pictures on his own. He took the above picture with my camera and did a pretty good job.

The family. There are a few people missing from our whole family, but these were the ones who attended the fish fry.

Brady would NOT get off the "trashtor". He loves any kind of riding toy or anything that makes noise so this was right up his alley.
What a fun day! Thanks for having us out Aunt Patsy, the fish was wonderful!