Thursday, January 28, 2010

Allen Valentine Tree

Look what Luke & I created today during Brady's naptime!
First we made a tree out of willow branches.
Then we added some moss (grass)
Then we cut the hearts
Then we punched the holes
Then we colored them
Then we hung them with ribbon.
Very fun project for us and a wonderful centerpiece for our table!

Luke did these two all by himself. I think he did wonderful!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

First Trip to the Library!

Today was Brady's first trip to the Pearland Library for toddler reading time. He just recently has really gotten into books, so I thought we needed to get back into our weekly library visits. He enjoyed toddler time for about the first ten minutes then he was ready to play!

Luke's 3 Year Old Learning Goals

A good teacher friend of mine recently gave me a list of the learning objectives every 3 year old should know. Thankfully, Luke has mastered most of them, but there are a few more we are still working on. His teacher this year, Mrs. Alissa, does an amazing job with him so I think together we will have him ready for PreK-4 next year (as I wipe my tears).

Here they are...
- matching two halves of a picture- got it!
- copy simple lines patterns- got it!
- follow a two step command- got it!
- count to ten- got it!
- count objects in one to one correspondence- working on it :)
- patterns- working on it :)
- same & different- got it!
- basic colors- got it!
- basic shapes- got it!
- locate own name in print- got it!
- identify letters in own name- working on it :)
- proper use of scissors- working on it :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bathtime for BIG Brothers

Each night Luke and Brady enjoy taking their bath together, so my first idea of how to tell our parents about our new baby was with this picture. However, I didn't use this one, I used the one by the fence. Just thought it could at least make the blog cut though...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brady's Bad Day at School...

Today when I went to pick Brady from school his teacher handed me the below note...

As a result of his biting today, he was sent to the Principal's office once and placed into an older class twice. Not sure why he did this, but I feel horrible for the other child who was a victim of Brady's bad day...

Baby Allen #3 is on his or her way on 9/2/10!

Our boy name is Owen Daniel
Our girl name is Brooklyn Danielle

We are so excited and can't wait to meet Luke & Brady's new sibling!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Picnic in the Park

The past couple of weeks have been cold and rainy, so we have been stuck inside a lot. Today had a small chance of rain, so I thought we would just stay in again. I asked Luke if he would like to play playdough with me and he replied with this... "Mommy, my idea of a fun day is not playing playdough, it's having a picnic in the park"
How could I say no to that???

Luke insisted on PBJ sandwiches and cheetos! easy enough...

Brady really didn't care to much about eating today...he just wanted to play.

We met our friends Summer, Joleigh, & Grey too. The big boys had fun playing a game of soccer- I think they are ready to go pro.

Luke's challenge was jumping off that ledge to touch the hanging bar. He did touch it once! Go Luke!

Brady took his lunch to go.
When we got home the boys were definately ready for some rest- they were completely played out. Good idea Luke!

Friday, January 8, 2010

On Cold Days Like Today...

Luke takes a bath to get warm!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Annual New Year's Eve Celebration

This year, we hosted our second annual New Year's Eve celebration. We invited over some friends and their kids and had a blast!

Brady & Luke waiting for s'mores!

Our family sitting in front of the fire pit.

Enjoying a yummy s'more with daddy!

Then sparklers for all of the kids! Luke was scared at first, but quickly warmed up to the idea.

Most of the kids made it until midnight. This is them cuddled up together on the couch for a movie. Katelyn, Lily, Kinley, Brady, & Camryn are the only ones not shown for one reason or another.
Happy New Year Everyone! We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends for us and our children.

Christmas with Papaw & Grandma Kay

On our way home from Leander, we stopped and met Papaw & Grandma Kay for lunch along with my cousins Courtney & Erin and their kids.
It was fun getting to visit with them and the kids had fun playing together.

Christmas with Mamaw & Papaw

After we had Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve night, we came home, quickly packed the car, and headed to Leander for Christmas at Mamaw & Papaw's.
Ever other year, we have Chrismtas with them on Christmas Day, so this was our year to be with them. Unfortunately, for some strange reason, I did not take one single picture while I was there... I am really bummed about that!
Anyway, instead of having a gift exchange, we gave each other a current family photo. We had a wonderful Christmas dinner and finished off the night with a game of basketball. As always, the Rouse side of the family is a blast to be with...we made lots of memories!
As of now, the plan for our next Christmas with them is a cruise!!

Christmas with Grammy & Papa

The evening of Christmas Eve, we headed over to my parents house to have Christmas with them. We had our own family get together, then the rest of my mom's side of the family came over for our annual Christmas Eve party.

Here's us with my family...not including my brother Caleb.

We had a great time with my family. As always, we had a white elephant gift exchange which was just as fun as ever!

Christmas at Yaya & Papi's House

After our Christmas at home, we went over the Yaya & Papi's for Christmas with them. Traditionally, all of the "kids" take a picture together all piled on this chair. Here's what it looks like this year.

Then we took a family picture.

Then one with just the kids & Biboo.

Lastly, Brady & Luke with Biboo.

We had a nice breakfast, then opened gifts. After the gift exchange, we came back home for Christmas with Papapon..